Curry College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Curry College is its nursing program. All the professors are very willing to help and want to see success in students. Even though it is a difficult major, there is ample opportunity to reviece the help necessary to succeed in the major. The courses involve developing experiences with local facilities and Boston hospitals which is, in my opinion, the greatest learning experience a Nursing major can receive.


Curry college is good for its small classes, which makes it easier for students to learn and have a better understanding. As a student at curry college it is hard to fail becsuse of all the free reasourses they have on campus. Like, the writting center, which helps students to write better papers and they help students edit them as well. Curry college is well taken care of and clean, which I love.


The best thing about Curry in my opinion is that there is always help available when you need it. From a personal experience, I have come to understand that people in the Academic Enrichment Center are specifically there to allow for students to succeed academically. I find this information to be really comforting because I always try to do my best on my work, and I can go to the tutors there to ensure that I am performing at my greatest academic potential.


The faculty and the school size.


The thing I consider the best thing are the class sizes. The high school I graduated from didn't have large classes and my school no doesn't have large class. It is a neat thing so that the student and proffesor could interact more with each other.