Cuyahoga Community College District Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A community college that gives students from all different walks a life a chance to create a reality where they can pursue any career that they wish.


Tri-C is a school where students know the value of education and are there to learn and become more economically smart, rather than socialize.


This school is a Fun and comfortable enviroment to learn from and where you can find a class for all kinds of intrests.


It is a Community College.


My school is one that I find is diverse, it mixes many different people and many different backgrounds and majors in one; also the credits can practically transfer anywhere.


My school is vey supportive and there are many extra ciricular activities to engage in.


It is a diverse environment where you can easily feel comfortable in the classroom and outside.


I attend cuyahoga community college and it's the perfect "spring board" to pursue fulfiling careers or to continue education.