Cuyahoga Community College District Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There are certain set requirements colleges have when looking at prospective students. I believe as long as the student has met the minimum school requirements they should be given the opportunity to attend this school. A great instructor I once had said, "Optimism is to see opportunities in your difficulties." Everyone has seen hard times, some more than others. Giving students this foot in the door gives them great optimism and confidence to see a bright future ahead of them. Everyone has to start somewhere, so why not here? As the school slogan states, "Tri-C, where futures begin."


Someone who is not willing to learn should not attend this school. I takes a lot of discipline to attend a community college because attend the classes is your choice. Unlike a university, there are no dorms that keep you on campus. The school has much to offer, but only to those who are willing to seek out an take opportunities.


Someone who is looking to move away right away. If you have no motivation to do well then you probably shouldn't.


I think everyone should attend this school. I don't think anyone should be denied further education.