Cuyahoga Community College District Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Its not to crowded and had many services available to students.


What I like most about my school is the flexibility. I am a single mother and I still have to work to support myself and my daughter. With the hours, days and times they provide, it makes it easier to obtain an education and still maintain my other committments.


The best thing about the college I am attending right now is that the campus is small and there is a lot of hands on communication from the teachers.


The best thing about my school is the atmostphere, it is filled with education. By that statement, I mean that the students who are walking te halls have chosen to be there and are serious about learning, regardless of their, age, race, or religious background. I like the feeling that you can strike up hour long conversations with anyone about their major because their major is a passion of their's or is apart of making their dream come true.


A great learning experience with teachers and students.


Options. For a 55+ woman returning to school after many years, they have many programs to assist in making decisions and fitting a plan of study to your life. It's also a quality education at an affordable cost.