Cuyamaca College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who's major is still undecided and/or trying to get their G.E. out of the way in order to save money. I'm personally using my time at Cuyamaca college to apply to as many scholarships as humanly possible so that I don't have to go deep into debt to pay for going to a University out of state.


Any person that is unsure about their skills, or their time, or finances should consider it. Cuyamaca has a nice campus with newer facilities, yet not many students. It is easy to navigate, so anyone uncomfortable with a larger campus would be quite satisfied


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who wants to receive a great start on their journey though college and who cares about learning.


Students who attend Cuyamaca College are people who want a good education for less money. Cuyamaca is a great school for students who like smaller class sizes and a nice campus. Cuyamaca students may not know what their major is, but that's okay. Over their time at Cuyamaca many students discover what they want to do as a career. Cuyamaca offers many transferable classes that these students can take in order to transfer to a University and continue on obtaining their degree.