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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Make every attempt and maximum effort to attend college immediately after high school; do not take any time off. It is much harder to go back to school if you take time off and find yourself in a career between schooling. With that career will come bills and obligations that are not easily over looked. You may think you are invincible and nothing can hold you back but when you get into your daily routine outside of the school life it will take a major adjustment period putting your life on hold to go back and hit the books. You have all the resources and freedom of time now to dedicate yourself to school and you will soon realize this is a privilege that won?t last forever. The sooner you get into college and get your degree the sooner you can get into a career you will enjoy, take it from yourself, you will not enjoy the career you fall into that was only supposed to be a summer job while you relaxed. Do not hesitate; seize the opportunity before you now and you will thank me for it in the future. Carpe diem!