Dakota State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students that go to DSU are very friendly and it was easy to get along with everybody with no problems at all.


The students at Dakota State University are inviting yet show a definite passion for their majors and future career plans. That not only helps me feel drawn to the campus but also to the classmates I will get to know better. DSU's students are involved in campus life as well as the surrounding life, which is a good outreach idea to the community. One of the most important aspects to a college life and experience is the students (classmates) and DSU has an outstanding campus life because of the students that attend there.


Fun, nerdy, energetic, intellectual.


Some are eager to learn and want to excel at classes while others do not pay attention or care about their academics much.


The majority of my classmates are computer wizards, but also another vast majority of my classmates are just ordinary young adults just looking to better themselves in the world.


My classmates here at Dakota State University are mostly caucasion and from South Dakota. Now that I am a Sophomore at DSU, most of my classes are core classes for my Business Management major. Thus, most of my classmates are other students majoring in Business. I know most of my classmates by name and are very friendly because I have many classes with them and will continue classes with them through the next school year.


Smart, hardworking, and business-oriented individuals.


The most energetic kids that may or may not be helpful with homework that you'll ever meet.


My classmates come from many places thoughout South Dakota,many of them taking their freshmen classes as am I; They are all ready and willing to learn and are very excited about the technology that Dakota State University classes have to offer.


They are original thinkers that consistently come up with new and intriguing ideas for video games.


My classmates are always friendly and willing to help you out if you need it. They are a very diverse group so it's easy to find someone that you can get along with well.


Some of my classmates are athletes and others are gamers.


Equals, they are going throught the same things you are and understand, which means making friends is super easy if you open yourself up.


Since I am reaching my uppper-level classes, my classmates are more and more focused on the end result of our education. They are looking ahead to what will help them in the long run. They are also willing to help me or are accepting to my help as well. We're all in this together!


Mostly middle class.


My friends are fun, exciting, and we never have a dull moment.


My classmates at Dakota State are some of the most outgoing, accepting and spirited people I've met.


Most are very easy to get along with.


My classmates are very helpful with questions.


My classmates are always there whenever I need them; whenever I'm gone from class or whenever I don't understand certain things I know I can go to them for help.


Independently creative and somewhat focused, yet friendly.