Dakota State University Top Questions

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The Dakota State campus is a smaller but, friendly and safe community. I chose a smaller college because I wanted the teachers to know who I was I wanted them to help me and know me by name not just by some number. Dakota State did just that, the professors here are highly skilled in their classes and are more then helpful in needed sisutations, they are also excellent at communicating with you. Professors at Dakota State are there to help you grow and learn and I believe that is what every college should be like.


I like how small the campus is and how the teachers really seam willing to go out of their way to help you.


Dakota State University is unique because the whole school is full of new technology.


It is renown for its digital arts and design degree.


This school has a game design program. The computer science is also one of the best in the Mid West. There is pretty decent internet coverage.


We are "Technically Better". We have highly integrated technology into our learning which you do not find in other schools.


I think the most unique thing about my school is how tight knit yet open minded the school is. Everybody knows everybody, but it's not one of those "clique schools" like the first school I went to my freshman year. The faculty and students are very respectful to each other and the professor are so easy to get in touch with AND THEY ALL KNOW YOUR NAME!


Dakota State University is very unique in many different aspects. DSU offers many different programs and clubs so accomidate every type of student whether you are into sport, games, or just like to relax and read. DSU also offers a very fun and interactive environment for all students and allows for a more enjoyable experience for each student. Lastly, the small school feeling gives a unique touch to each student because you are not just a number you are actually a person at Dakota State University.


Dakota State challenges people to get involved in this day in age because they know that computers are going to be a huge part of our society for a very long time. They take education and apply computers to it. They are unique because they base their learning program off of technology and how it can better our lives.


Dakota State University happens to be located in my hometown. Attending school in my hometown allowed me to be near my family. It also allowed me to attend school at an affordable cost by saving money living at home. Living at home made it harder to make new friends at school, but Dakota State had plenty of activities that students were able to attend to meet new people. Another unique quality is the size of the school and the size of town it is located in. They are both small, quiet, and have a very friendly community.


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Dakota State University is unique from other schools in the fact that the technology advancements are definitely taking off. With technology becoming more and more important in the business world especially, I tought it would be fitting for me to attend this university as I am going into the business world when I graduate.


Our school is focused on technology, as an incoming freshman we all receive a tablet. The school fixes the tablets if needed and most classes use the tablets during class. This school also has smaller class sizes which I really enjoy. It allows for more one on one help.


This school is technology orientated. Every student gets a tablet computer, it is 100% wired, and all classes use the tablets.


My school is a place that welcomes students who will enjoy a technologically advanced school that focuses on integrating technology into specific careers; each and everages students to be actively involved and due to the small size, it is easy to do so.


This school is technology based - everyone gets a computer through the school. All students are required to take computer-related classes and most graduate with a technology based endorsement. Wireless internet is accessible everywhere on campus.