Dakota Wesleyan University Top Questions

Describe how Dakota Wesleyan University looks to someone who's never seen it.


Dakota Wesleyan is a perfect combination of athletics, education, religion, and feels like our own society.


The atmosphere is very friendly, the class sizes are just right, and the teachers offer to help as much as possible.


Dakota Wesleyan University provides students with skills needed during and outside student life.


Dakota Wesleyan is a small university with many educational opportunities for people of all walks of life.


The best thing that has ever happened to me! truly enjoy the staff, facilty members, and fellow students. I look forward to going to class every day and I am very proud to be able to go to this college and get my degree here. I would recomend to anyone to attend this college.


Dakota Wesleyan is a small liberal arts college that will produce well-rounded individuals that go on to better their communities and the world at large.


My school is a great becayse I want one on one attention from your teachers so that Iget better grades and a better experience knowing that I can count on my teachers for help and encouragement.


Dakota Wesleyan offers me everything I need and is overall the best school I could ever choose.


Dakota Wesleyan is a small colege campus that offers a more personalized education plan. Professors are more available and are easier to acess. While DWU is small, it still offers a variety of activities outside of classes. Many socialization opportunites are avaialable.


My school is a small, friendly place that anyone would like if they are aiming to get good one on one help with their field.