Dakota Wesleyan University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Dakota Wesleyan University? Why?


I consider nothing to be bad about my school.


The wrost thing about my school is that the first week was hard to adjust to. There wasn't a lot of friendly faces for me to see because a lot of people who came here already knew people.


I do not have any complaints


It's not necessarily bad, I just dislike it because it's deadlined and forced on us. We're forced to take a "Learn Strong" class, in which we learn pretty much things we've just learned in similar classes in high school. It is just one more repetitive class we're forced to take. DWU has you do a sort-of community service as well. Not that that in itself is bad, it's just time taken away from studying or working.


The worst thing at my school would be expense cost with tuition, books and such. Tuition itself is alot but to add books onto that cost makes it tough to afford. Financial Aid helps but I need to get as many outside scholarships as possible to be able to afford tuiton. I love the school and therefore the only downfall of Dakota Wesleyan I believe is its tuition.


I really do not think that there is anything wrong with my school. The only thing I would say are some of the professors are not the nicest people in the world, but that is with any college. I enjoy the small campus and the small class sizes it makes me feel totally in my element.


As much as I love the state of SD, the winters here are brutal and long. DWU would be perfect in a much nicer climate, but other than that the school is perfect.


The worst thing about Dakota Wesleyan is the turn-over rate in the campus life department. The economy has had devastating effects on small schools across the nation and many have had to close down. Our school has been very economically savy, but in an effort to pinch pennies our student life department has taken a hit. In the past three years I have seen four different people in the department. Though it is difficult to measure how this has affected student life, the turn-over rate has certainly had an effect.


This school cost a lot of money. It is a great education but overly priced in my opinion.