Dakota Wesleyan University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Dakota Wesleyan University?


Students or individuals that want to melt into the background and never become involved should not come to DWU. It is nearly impossible for students walking this campus to not get involved in some way or another. Whether it is sports, theatre, workstudy, or any other type of activity, students will be involved somehow. Teachers and faculty are even known to seek students out and personally ask them to volunteer or participate in a program.




The type of people that shouldn't attend Dakota Wesleyan are those that don't try their best and do not have the inner push to achieve the best possible. By going to school here at Dakota Wesleyan, students are able to talk more one on one with the teachers but the students also have to push themselves to get assignments done on time. We may have weeks to do an assignment but to stay on task is important. Dakota Wesleyan is a small campus, therefore students interact more and they need to have priorities when it comes to school.


I would not suggest this school to anyone who does not like small class settings or town. DWU tries very hard to offer as much 1:1 contact with the student and professor as possible. They also try to give you the best college education they can by having you take classes in all areas. This is not a college for someone who just wants to get in and get out fast.


I really can't think of anyone that would not be a good fit. Dakota Wesleyan does a very good job balancing out different types. They really have something to offer everyone.


I believe everyone can attend DWU, but if you are an individual who does not want others to talk to you or help you then DWU is not for you.


People that shouldn't attend this school are people trying to get into a fraternity or sorority, or people that are coming simply to have a good time at college. If they are aiming to go to a big school they shouldn't come here either.