Dakota Wesleyan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I had to go back to my high school self I would tell myself to keep proceeding on pushing through high school. College is such an awesome part of life and it grows you into a better person. High school may be hard, but it is a large life lesson.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to look into Dakota Wesleyan. I never thought I could play softball in college so I just made the easy choice and went to the University of South Dakota. I transfered to Dakota Wesleyan to play softball since I got an offer from the coach after spending a semester at USD. I would tell my high school self to just go to Dakota Wesleyan to begin with. Here, I am a person that people know and care about. At USD, I was just a number. Most of my professors didn't even know my name. Transferring schools was the best decision of my life and I wish I would have been here from the very beginning.


You'll do fine, DWU is the right choice.


I would suggest that my high school self should apply for more scholarships and make sure I am going to a college I love and can be involved and included in. I would also strongly suggest to take high school classes seriously and be involved in the community. I would also suggest to be involved in many different volunteer opportunities as well as just ebing yourself and enjoying everything education offers you.


Going back to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not take this year for granted. Making the most out of high school is incredibly important because when you go to college, everything changes. Be prepared for what is about to come, but don't worry about it because you will do great. Work your hardest, and stay ontop of your school work and I know that you will do the best that you can because you will settle for nothing less.


It is ok to wait if you are unsure of your decision.


I would try to convince myself that I should eventually try living in a dorm. DWU's are fairly spendy, and so I'm staying at home to save, but that means missing out on the dorm experience. Therefore now the whole dorm idea just seems silly and a waste of money. I would also try and tell myself not to worry so much! I was a nervous wreck for weeks, months even, over how I would pay for things and missing my friends and starting something new... But it's no where near as bad as I was afraid it would be! (Not to mention, going back in time? I love fantasy and sci-fi, but I would also be desperately trying to not freak myself out after going back in time! Ha-ha! That would be a little weird!)


"Listen up, kid. You need to start getting more involved. Do noy look at those people. Who cares what they are doing? Focus on you for one second. You need to join a church, start reading to some kids, start helping some elderly, and start letting people know who and what you are. You have so many ideas boiling around in that brain of yours and not one of them is coming up. What about Newxon? You wanted to start a company that would help kids with depression. What happened to that? Get to work. Start researching and do your job. Once you get into college, that will help you a lot. You have to start speaking up and being the awesome person you know you can be. You have to let other people see it, too. If they do not see it, you will be pushed into walls. Trust me; I was there."


I have gotten a great deal of knowledge out of my experience at DWU. I have learned great attributes of what it takes to be a successful teacher someday, and I hope to further this by getting my master's degree. I have learned that, although my education was my number one priority, that it was also important for me to get out there and make some long lasting friendships. During my time at Wesleyan I met friends that I will always keep in touch with, and not to mention my future husband! :) College has been one extraordinary experience for me and is certainly one I will never forget! I have found my time at DWU to be valuable because of everything I will be taking away from it. A teaching degree, lasting friendships, great memories, and a good working ability. I have learned the rewards of hard work, puntuality, respect, and responsibility. DWU has forced me to reach outside of my shy shell and get to know new people. I am coming away from DWU with a teaching certificate, long lasting friends, and memories that with last forever.


I am only a freshmen in my second semester, but already I have learned from my college experience that this is a place to truly find yourself. You not only learn the subjects in your field of study, but you learn how to live on your own and be your own person. You choose what you have involved with, what you study, what you do every day, how hard you want to work, etc. Young adults can grow and change as people and discover what their passion is by changing your major five or six times if you want to. The amazing thing about it is, you come to this place and are provided with all the tools you would ever need to succeed, but it is you who must decided how and if to use them to make something of yourself.


DWU made it easy and welcoming to be involved on campus. Already I am involved in the Student Ministry Council and help with the chapel services. I am on the Student Activities Board Support Staff and I have been invited to a couple of leadership conferences. I also have the opportunity to work in the Admissions Office. I love every minute of helping seniors exploring their college opportunities see that Dakota Wesleyan could also become their home. Along with things that I am involved with on Campus, I will also have the opportunity to travel to Peru this summer for a mission trip with some other students. I am very much looking forward to this opportunity because it will provide me another opportunity to do two of the things that I love so much; traveling and helping to make the world a better place. DWU has become my home away from home. Every day new opportunities present themselves and I could not imagine myself anywhere in the world. I have made lasting friendships and found some valuable mentors and teachers that I know will be able to help me succeed at making the world a better place.


Making the decision to return to college was not an easy one for me. I an a middle aged woman with four children and had to think long and hard about returning to school and the demands it would make on my already limited time. I am fortunate that everyone at DWU has been helpful and accomodating. There are many non traditional students on campus and it has been great getting to know some of them. It is helpful having someone to share stories with that is in the same situation as you are. My college experience has been extremely valuable to me. I have made new friends and am on the fast track to getting my degree. I could not have picked up nicer place to return to college, DWU feels like home.


The first day of school is terrifying for everyone. Theres an awful feeling in your stomach, and your hands sweat more than ever. Then suddenly you realize that none of it is really that scary. I have always been nervous about new situations, and this is probably why I chose to stay home and attend a local community college. Change is just not something I really enjoy. This year at Moraine Valley Community College, I have really come to terms with the fact that I am changing and there is no stopping it. I am no longer a child, and I am finally looking at the real world for what it is. I am also realizing, that like the first day of school, becoming an adult is really not that bad after all. Without my college experience, I would have not grown as a person in such a positive way, and I really believe I am opening the next chapter of my life.


Even though I have only been in college for one semester, summing up what I have gotten out of my college experience in 200 words could be difficult. I have gone through so many life changing experiences, overcome obstacles, met many new friends, and have had my eyes opened up to different cultures and their values. My college experience has allowed me not only to grow in my own faith but also to help others grow in their own. Some days after classes I reflect and realize how much more I am learning and growing in my knowledge. I have realized how blessed I am to have the opportunity to further my education and how blessed I am to have such supportive family members and friends. Attending college has been a major value to me not only to further my education, but also to explore new values, beliefs, and ideas about me and the world around me. Realizing how blessed I am to have the opportunity to further my education helps me strive every day to do the best I can do and be the best I can be in every class, situation, and relationship.


I love being able to go to school. It has always been a dream of mine to finish college and I am achieving that dream because of the help of others generous support.


I have gained numerous experiences from attending college but the most beneficial experiences have changed my life. I am more of a people-person now than I have ever been. I believe this has been influenced by forcing myself to meet new people. I did not know anybody that was going to attend Dakota Wesleyan this fall, therefore, I needed to make new friends and relationships. This experience has changed who I am. I now love being around people and I get along with everyone. I like to go out of my way to include those who are excluded. Another experience is the classroom atomosphere. I came from a small high school so the class size is about the same. I love being in small classes because I feel more like an individual instead of just another student in the classroom. I have also grown relationships with teachers and faculty members. By attending a smaller university, I am able to have more one-on-one time with the teachers to discuss assignments and the course material if I do not understand something. These experiences have influenced the positive changes in my life while adjusting to the new atmosphere; college.


During my college experience i have found friends that will be with me for the rest of my life. I have also found that attending college has helped me by making me more responsible, being in college i am on my own and things that i need to do or get done i am haveing to do them and i can't depend on anyone else to get them done for me. Going to college i have also learned good time manegement skills, i learned that when i have time to get things done that is when i need to do them so i can relax and have fun later.


I have gotten many things out my college experience. I have gained so much independence since I have gone to college. Going to college has made me grow even more in being able to experience different aspects of life and a feeling of accomplishment when I get that big final paper done. While going to college I feel that I have grown as a person and have learned to be more independent and be more responsible.


I have learned a great deal about myself from the short time I have been attending school. I have grown stronger while being away from home and have been able to explore the meanings of my values. I believe it has been valuable to attend Dakota Wesleyan because the professors don't just try to teach you the material, they try to make sure you understand it and some of the classes allow you to explore yourself; in fact, that is what some of the classes offered are designed for. Other classes bring truth into a new light and make you think critically about the world in which we live and how one person can change history. This college puts discovery of self and service to God before learning academic disciplines, giving students an opportunity to have more than just a "textbook" education one could find at many other schools.


My college experince here at Dakota Wesleyan has been very resourceful in pursueing my college degree. I chose this university because it is a private christian school and because of the education department here, which is said to be one of the finest in the country. The professors here are extremely helpful and want to see you succeed. Since this school is fairly small, it is easy to recieve help from any of the faculty and they are all really helpful in assisting you. Everyone here is really accepting no matter what race or religion you are, and almost all students are involved in some kind of on-campus activity. I truly believe that I have picked the best school to attend at and it is valuable to me because , it has provided me with better leadership skills that I can use in my future classroom and life. The skills I have recieved here at Dakota Wesleyan are going to help me become a more productive teacher and better member of society.


Attending Dakota Wesleyan has truly been a great experience. I think college has taught me how to be an adult and take responsibility for myself. I think alot of times people need to depend on others. But Dakota Wesleyan has taught me how to be independent and take care of myself. I have also made life long friends at my school. We have made bonds through working and growing together. I think Dakota Wesleyan has molded me into an adult that can go our and make it in the real world. College has made me grow as a person and as a future citzen. Whether it be through community service or acting on the stage I feel Dakota Wesleyan has given me alot of experience and has helped me grow. I only hope the rest of my time at Dakota Wesleyan University is just as great.


My college experience has taught me the importance of independence and educational opportunities. College degrees are becoming an essential part of finding a career that suits your strengths and sparks your interest. Dakota Wesleyan has taught me the importance of strengths and how they may apply in your everyday life. Recognizing the strengths of others aids in strengthing your relationships and may help you decide which path is right for you.


I am a non-trad student, mother of five children, and wife to a full-time National Guard member. When my husband got transfered to Mitchell in 2010, we packed up house and kids and moved two hours south to Mitchell. I also grew up in Germany and before attending college here in SD, had never attended a school in the United States. Attending DWU has provided me with the education to move forward to get my degree in Human Services. DWU has welcomed me with open arms and help me with figuring out what classes I need to get my degree without wasting any time or money. The instructors are always available and approchable and have an open door policy. This has been the best experience for me and my family. My teenagers are very proud of me and see that even at my age it is possible to attend college and go after ones dream. I have managed to attain a 4.0 GPA this last semester amd plan on repeating this again this semester. Your scholarship will make it possible for me to continue my education and move forward with my dream. Thank you.


Coming to DWU, I thought I would only learn the things I needed to know and that was it. Here at DWU, I have been fortunate enough to take a variety of classes and become a well rounded individual. I have also been fortunate to meet many, many wonderful people from all over the world; some of whom we have become life long friends. DWU not only focuses on academics but they also focus on community service, volunteering and giving back to the community. While at Dakota Wesleyan, I have been able to help with many community service projects as well as make a difference in many individuals' lives. Volunteering and community service has become a big part in my life and I feel that if I had not come to Dakota Wesleyan, I would not have turned out to be the person I am today. One of the best decisions I have made in my life so far is to attend DWU. Thank you.


I'm glad that I took this journey. I was very cynical about this school prior to attendance. Now I am very happy that I chose this school. They do make me feel like my decision was the best for me. They also make me feel as if I am not alone on this journey. I have been able to find such a great support system in the school that makes it even better.


College has been the greatest experience of my life. I have learned so much in only two years of college. However, the most important lesson that I have learned is that I have no limits. College gives every single individual the opportunity to shape their lives ,and do whatever they want with their future. I am the living proof that being a minority, growing up in a family of limited resources and economic hardships, and who moved to this country in 3rd grade speaking no English can accomplish anything they set their mind to. College has taught me that although you have the opportunity to do whatever you want with you life, you MUST work hard because nothing is given to you. Everyone has the potential to have a succesful future because we live in the greatest country in which education is offered to everyone. I am very thankful for my college education, and I know that one day I will be a succesful attorney because i have the potential and most importantly because I have the opportunity to do so!


As a student coming from a big city (Omaha, Ne), my college experience in a small town (Mitchell, SD) has allowed me to focus on my studies as well as the career path I would like to follow after college. Dakota Wesleyan has helped me develop an awareness of the importance of community service at a local as well as global level. Each club and athletic team on campus participates in community service projects and before finals in May, the entire school (factulty, administration, and students) take part in a plethora of community service projects. Many students, including myself, have had opportunities to take our services to other parts of the world including Tanzania, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. The professors and faculty at Dakota Wesleyan sincerely care about applying what we learn in the classroom to real-world experiences and I have completed two interships in three years- one through the Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network and another teaching piano lessons on the Rosebud Native-American Indian Reservation. I came to Dakota Wesleyan as a young boy with a blurred outlook on life aspirations. Dakota Wesleyan has focused my outlook on life and has shaped me into a well-rounded man.


I have learned a lot, not only in the classroom but in the residence halls as well. Being here has helped me to prepare to live on my own one day and given me a chance to try out different things. Having a college education will allow me to go farther with my dreams and has set me up for success. But perhaps most importantlyI have established valuable relationships with not only students but faculty and staff as well. These relationships will be of great value to me as I enter the "real" world.


I have only attended Dakota Wesleyan for less that one semester so far, but my overall experience so far has been wonderful. I have recieved one- on- one attention from my professors and my grades have shown that. My school offeres me so many oportunities to become involved in whatever activities that I choose to be involved in. Dakota Wesleyan also offers special tutoring for any subject that I am taking, it will have study groups if you are involved in sports and need a little extra boost. I have made some of the best friends that I wil have with me for a lifetime here at college. Every faculty/ staff member is extremly friendly and helpful if I need them. The residence life usually puts people that have a lot in common together in the same room. I greatly value my education that I am recieveing here at Dakota Wesleyan and the professors are making sure that I am getting the best education that I can. I also love that Dakota Wesleyan is close to my hometown, and finantial aid is available to help I need it.


I have learned many things while experiencing college. First it was such a big change from living at home, I immediately had to learn how to do laundry. That was an experience, luckily there are many kind people on my campus who were willing to help me figure it out. Next I learned how to cook and take care of my body. I am able to make many healthy meals that are relatively inexpensive. The most valuable thing I have gotten out of attending college, not only have I gained knowledge, but I have really learned a lot about who I am and what I enjoy doing. I was convinced that the science field was for me and I could not have been more wrong. Without the interneships available to me I would never have learned this and would probably ended up in a career field I did not love. My education is important and I know my life would not be the same without it.



I have attained so much new knowledge as I have been attending classes at Dakota Wesleyan University. I have learned information on the subjects of the courses and about current events. I have learned information about Dakota Wesleyan as well. I have met a lot of new wonderful people who will be life long friends.


If I could go back and do it all over again, I would probably tell myself not to be so quick to make a decision. It's okay to not have to know your whole life plan right away. This is just another step in the process of life. Enjoy your time while you can and make the best of every situation. Do what you want and what will make YOU happy. :)


I would make sure to tell myself to have fun but at the same time remember what's most important. Working on your time management skills defnintely helps and trying to earn a little extra money here and there doesn't hurt either. Learn to accept yourself for who you are and be proud of everything you have accomplished. You may think some classes are unnecessary but believe me, everything is taught for a reason. If some classes are challenging enough, try taking some AP classes. Make sure you are a responsible individual and prepare yourself the best you can. You can never be too prepared for college.


I would go back and tell myself to get organized and prepare for college because college is the bridge to your future. I would tell myself to explore all of my options and go and visit school campuses. I would tell myself to give high school one hundred and ten percent because the knowledge gained there really is a tool that can be used and referenced often in college. I would then tell myself the importance of applying for financial aid and scholarships. I would inform myself of how many possibilities are out there to help aid students in their educational endeavors. One just has to put forth an effort and educate themselves of the vast opportunities that there are out there for graduating seniors and college students. I would then, finally, remind myself to have fun and take in every experience and opportunity offered to me in college and make those coming college years the best years yet; and always be open to change and learning and growing as a person.


I would simply tell myself to relax, and take one day at a time. It is all overwhelming at first but if you don't get worked up about everything, the transition will be much easier. So just have fun meeting new people and seeing new things.


I would tell myself I need to be more outgoing in high school. While I do well in academically in college, I have had a hard time adjusting to the different social groups. I would encourage myself in high school to try new experiences without my high school friends as a way to force me to make new friends. I cam from a small high school, so I knew the same people all throughout grade school and high school. I also would tell myself to not be afraid of failing. I expect a lot from myself, and I need to remember that it's ok to not be good at everything I do.


Hold onto your family values and stay in touch with your family even if the distance seems like a relief because things can change all too quickly. You may seem invincible but it takes just one second for things to change.


If I could go back in time and give my senior-self some advice, the first thing I would say would be to make sure I called my mom on a regular basis. The second, and more important piece of advice would be to learn how to manage my time more wisely. I am extremely involved on my campus (SIFE, Student Ministries Council, Assessment Committee, Future Teachers Organization, Student Ambassador, Resident Assistant, and Student Association Senate) and I also have a job off campus. In addition to all of these activities, I also have to keep my grades up because I have the highest academic scholarship DWU awards, so I spend a lot of time on school work as well. Some days it seems overwhelming, but I have learned the hard way how to effectively manage my time. I could have saved myself a lot of heartache if I had come into college with those skills.


I would tell myself to work a harder to get scholarships. Also that I should not put all my eggs in one basket. You change so much going through college, but that it is a good thing since you find out who you really are. Just because I am finally free of my parents supervious and that I can be my own person, does not mean I have to go wild. The virtues I learned from my family are very important and that I should hold tight to them.


When you are choosing a college make sure that you find one that will fit you in all aspects. one that will help you in your future and not just immediately. The college you choose will determine what goes on for the rest of your life not only the four years you are there. When choosing a colleg emake sure it is a size that is right for you, make sure that there are enough activities there to keep you occupied, and make sure you know at least one person there. Don't go somehwere all your friends are going, but go somewhere that you can create your own self image without the prssure of high school friends.


Make sure you know what you want most out of your college experience. Do you have a certain major in mind, do you want to have a good time and meet life long friends.... This is what you must ultimately decide that will help you get on the right track anyways as far as big school vs. small school, city vs. urban...


I really believe to be able to get the college experience students need to live on campus. I think that if i would have decided to live on campus i would have enjoyed going to DWU. I started DWU when i was seventeen and i decided to attend here because my family and boyfriend lives here- i really suggest going to school in a different town in order to really live the college life. Its really important to be involved not just take classes and leave campus. COLLEGE LIFE IS SUPPOSE TO BE THE BEST YEARS..... ENJOY THEM


My only advice would to visit the colleges that you like and just choice the college that feels right to you while you are on campus.


Just go visit you will know once you step foot on campus whether or not it feels like home. I knew right away that DWU was right for me I never even went on an official visit just visiting friends and attending activities there proved to me that it was where I wanted to earn my education.


Go to school where they go to where the child wants. Parents should never chose for the child. Also go to school for an education not for sports.


The advice that I would give to parents and students is going to somewhat limited. Because I only applied to the one college I wanted, I don't have much experience in choosing between schools. However, I can say that it was the open and welcoming atmosphere at my school that sold me. The fact that it was somewhat close to home and that they offered the degrees I wanted were nice, but I could have found a different school if I wanted to. The fact that Dakota Wesleyan was so open, helpful, and encouraging really showed me that this was the school for me. So my advice is this: find a school that cares for you, and you will come to care for the school.