Dakota Wesleyan University Top Questions

What should every freshman at Dakota Wesleyan University know before they start?


If I had to go back to my high school self I would tell myself to keep proceeding on pushing through high school. College is such an awesome part of life and it grows you into a better person. High school may be hard, but it is a large life lesson.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to look into Dakota Wesleyan. I never thought I could play softball in college so I just made the easy choice and went to the University of South Dakota. I transfered to Dakota Wesleyan to play softball since I got an offer from the coach after spending a semester at USD. I would tell my high school self to just go to Dakota Wesleyan to begin with. Here, I am a person that people know and care about. At USD, I was just a number. Most of my professors didn't even know my name. Transferring schools was the best decision of my life and I wish I would have been here from the very beginning.


You'll do fine, DWU is the right choice.


I would suggest that my high school self should apply for more scholarships and make sure I am going to a college I love and can be involved and included in. I would also strongly suggest to take high school classes seriously and be involved in the community. I would also suggest to be involved in many different volunteer opportunities as well as just ebing yourself and enjoying everything education offers you.


Going back to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not take this year for granted. Making the most out of high school is incredibly important because when you go to college, everything changes. Be prepared for what is about to come, but don't worry about it because you will do great. Work your hardest, and stay ontop of your school work and I know that you will do the best that you can because you will settle for nothing less.


It is ok to wait if you are unsure of your decision.


I would try to convince myself that I should eventually try living in a dorm. DWU's are fairly spendy, and so I'm staying at home to save, but that means missing out on the dorm experience. Therefore now the whole dorm idea just seems silly and a waste of money. I would also try and tell myself not to worry so much! I was a nervous wreck for weeks, months even, over how I would pay for things and missing my friends and starting something new... But it's no where near as bad as I was afraid it would be! (Not to mention, going back in time? I love fantasy and sci-fi, but I would also be desperately trying to not freak myself out after going back in time! Ha-ha! That would be a little weird!)


"Listen up, kid. You need to start getting more involved. Do noy look at those people. Who cares what they are doing? Focus on you for one second. You need to join a church, start reading to some kids, start helping some elderly, and start letting people know who and what you are. You have so many ideas boiling around in that brain of yours and not one of them is coming up. What about Newxon? You wanted to start a company that would help kids with depression. What happened to that? Get to work. Start researching and do your job. Once you get into college, that will help you a lot. You have to start speaking up and being the awesome person you know you can be. You have to let other people see it, too. If they do not see it, you will be pushed into walls. Trust me; I was there."


I have gotten a great deal of knowledge out of my experience at DWU. I have learned great attributes of what it takes to be a successful teacher someday, and I hope to further this by getting my master's degree. I have learned that, although my education was my number one priority, that it was also important for me to get out there and make some long lasting friendships. During my time at Wesleyan I met friends that I will always keep in touch with, and not to mention my future husband! :) College has been one extraordinary experience for me and is certainly one I will never forget! I have found my time at DWU to be valuable because of everything I will be taking away from it. A teaching degree, lasting friendships, great memories, and a good working ability. I have learned the rewards of hard work, puntuality, respect, and responsibility. DWU has forced me to reach outside of my shy shell and get to know new people. I am coming away from DWU with a teaching certificate, long lasting friends, and memories that with last forever.


I am only a freshmen in my second semester, but already I have learned from my college experience that this is a place to truly find yourself. You not only learn the subjects in your field of study, but you learn how to live on your own and be your own person. You choose what you have involved with, what you study, what you do every day, how hard you want to work, etc. Young adults can grow and change as people and discover what their passion is by changing your major five or six times if you want to. The amazing thing about it is, you come to this place and are provided with all the tools you would ever need to succeed, but it is you who must decided how and if to use them to make something of yourself.