Dallas Baptist University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A very friendly Christian school that emphasizes intergrating faith into your learning.


A faith engaging campus that feels like a piece of heaven.


This is a very individual based school. Staff and professors are very intrested in the life and success. Campus life is booming on the weekdays, and weekends have an emphasis on service learning. There is a big push for voulenteer hours in the community. This school is driven to make a difference not only in the students, but in the community around it.


My school is rich in community and warmth and full of good, Christian people who are always willing to help me learn and succeed, whether they are a fellow students or teachers.


Dallas Baptist University is a liberal arts school focused on faith- based learning and training servant leaders for their futures.


Dallas Baptist University is a very friendly and Chirst-centered campus; the teachers, staff, and students are all very helpful and are always willing to go the extra mile for you.


My school is beautiful, friendly, and homey feeling.


DBU is a place where thousands of willing, truth-seeking, compassionate world-changers are being trained up to be realeased into the world of opportunity.


My school is alive; everywhere you look life jumps at you through clubs, organizations, and the people.


DBU has been a wonderful experience all encompassed in the beauty of the campus, the uplifting and relaxing atmosphere, the small classes with caring professors, the great location, the great quality of education, plus the fact that almost everyone is nice and eager to make new friends makes me look forward to each and every day.


My college is extremely challenging academically, has competitive athletic teams, and consists of a tight-knit and supportive community of students and faculty.


My school is encouraging, strongly founded in Christ and constantly growing and striving to be Christ like.


My school is my home and it is where I learned everything I know about education, morals, and family.


faith based intergrated learning


A beautiful campus that strives for academic excellence and servant leadership, but does not have many campus activites.


A kind and caring community where education and servant training is the number one priority.


Conservative, Christ centered school with a desire for servant leadership.


Beautiful, servant, and Christ focused.


DBU is an amazing school that really focuses on every single student's success, while teaching great lessons and building life-long relationships all at the same time.

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