Dallas Baptist University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most of my classmates were full-time working people who were focused on their school work. The daytime students tended to be younger people who were focused on their beliefs. Overall, everyone was kind and friendly and made for an amazing school experience.


My classmates are positive and encouraging Christ followers.


Very unique personalities all around that combine to make for an awesome experience.


My classmates are fun and easy to get along with!


Everyone at this school is friendly and engaging; classes are typically small so you get to know your classmates well.


My classmates are very friendly and anytime there is a conflict, they are usually handled very well.


My classmates are all friendly and helpful.


My classmates at Dallas Baptist University are friendly, kind, and take a general interst in others.


My classmates are all very friendly. Our school promotes acceptance and love for one another, which is something that I admire more than anything because it's easy to get wrapped up in prejudices and judgements about someone, but accepting an individual completely for who they are takes an amount of heart that many people do not possess. My classmates are also very kind and helpful in classes, many people will offer to help you in classes you may be struggling in.


Devoted to learning and growing as a person and as a community, they are servant leaders with hearts for the world.


My classmates at Dallas Baptist University are energetic, friendly, and willing to learn and make a difference in the world.


Students are focused, determined and willing to help others when needed.


My classmates are fun, interesting, and great people to get to know.


Friendly, caring people that love the Lord and are serious about their studies.


The people I go to school with are very nice. Most are very friendly and accepting. I was always made to feel as though I fit right in. People jumped in to help me carry stuff in when I was moving into the dorm. It is a very nice place.


Most of my classmates have a goal for what they will do and where they will go after graduation.


Most are cool. Vast majority is white. There are a lot of international students but they tend to keep to themselves.


My classmates are always friendly and willing to help. For the most part, my classmates are focused on learning and doing well in school. The class sizes are really small so your classmates become some of your good friends.


Fun and dedicated to exellence.


They genuinely care and are good people who love the Lord.


I have classmates from many different racial backgrounds. There are many international students and it is so amazing to get to be in the class with them and learn from them. The traditional US citizen classmates are very eager to learn and so it makes studying easier because we all encourage each other and the feeling to want to succeed in the class is passed on from one student to the other.


My classmates are great, Christian people who are there for you no matter what.

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