Dallas Baptist University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Teaching/Teacher Placement Program (1st in Nation) Music Business Program


DBU is a Christ-centered university where the faculty cares for their students! There are a variety of organizations on campus to help students in all aspects of life encluding spiritual growth, social experiences, and physical activity.


Religious studies


Christian Leadership in the classroom to prepare you for the real world. This university has brought me from a homeless drug addict to a Christian Leader serving across the globe, not to mention a 3.8 GPA.


It offers an excellent Christ-centered education.


The atmosphere of dedication and servitude is a know fact among all students attending Dallas Baptist University. The outstanding instructors instill a since of integrity, ethics, leadership and teamwork that students carry throughout campus life and into their workplace after graduation. These characteristics are indoctrinated by using communication and recognition. This encourages individual excellence and continuous improvement in all facets of life.


My school has a big history, of educating future leaders.


My school is best known for the religious affiliation, I would guess. We also have a really good baseball program.


Our school is well known for our Religious Views. We are required to attend chapel every week two or three times a week pending on age. You are also required to take several religious classes before you can graduate. DBU is also big on Campus life and getting involved in the campus! they offer a lot of activities and events to all students. They even offer special packages for students to be involved in the campus activities so it is cheaper for the student.


The school is best known for it's christian-centered education and servant leadership programs. It's also known for it's prestigious education. If you graduate from Dallas Baptist University, you are sure to get a job in your major right out of school.


D-1 Baseball team and servant leadership.

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