Dallas Baptist University Top Questions

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Dallas Baptist University has small class sizes, teachers who care about their students, and an atmosphere that encourages pursuit of education as well as life-long friendships among students. It is ranked among the highest quality schools (top ten, if not first or second) for education degrees. Attending DBU was an experience that I am glad to have had.


The teachers actully work with you. You're a name not a number. The teachers will pray for you as well. The freshmen get to pick their schedual first so they can have the classes they need. At DBU you get teachers who love God and actully care about their students. The classes are Faith based and Christ centered. And the school is absolutly BEAUTIFUL!!!


DBU puts a big focus on each student's well being. They provide almost everything a student could need.


The students at my University are there to serve the Lord in everything that they do!


This school feels like a large family. There are hardly any quarrles, and you seem know know everyone on campus in some sort of way. It is smaller campus which gives it a great community feel. The staff is particularly involved in much that happens on campus. Advisors have a personal relationship with their advisees. It is a very comfortable campus, I have never felt out of place.


It is fait based, and the teachers here have a genuine concern for the students on campus. The class size are great because it allows for student/teacher interaction on a regular basis.


I love DBU because it is a Baptist school that keeps me grounded in the Word of God as I am learning in my field of study. The professors here go out of their way to help. Since I have started at DBU, I have been through two pregnancies and my professors were more than ready to help in any way they could. I would recoomend this school to anyone with a five star rating!


The freedom to rexpress my religious views and opinions without being descriminated against.


I believe that the other schools I considered were more Liberal whereas Dallas Baptist is firmly Christian based, and that is what I sought in a college.


It has classes in my feild of study, with a christian world view.


Dallas Baptist University is a perfect place to get a Christ centered education. There is a huge emphasis on servant leadership at this school. Servant leadership is a Christian principle in which one counts others as more important than oneself. Dr. Gary Cook, the president of DBU, has done a great job in leading this campus to success academically as well as spiritually.


We are on a small and steep mountain. Very very limited housing, parking, and activities. In every way imagineable, DBU clearly cares more about its appearance than its students. Must be because DBu is supported dy outside donations.


The size of DBU is unique. It is wonderful to have those small classrooms with few students in them, so that the professor can focus on each student.


Not many schools give scholarships for being a christian and finding service hours throughout the semester. The faculty and staff really have good relationships with the students.

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