Dallas Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student who is looking to learn in a Christian environment who not only values the education that he/she is getting, but also values the opportunity to serve their community whenever they can. Somebody who is career and academically focused on making a difference in the world through the profession that they are called to do.


People who are interested in surrounding themselves with others who are of higher moral standard should attend. Those who want to grow, mentally as well as spiritually, should defintiely consider attending Dallas Baptist University. A person who is more interested in the party life and temporary pleasures wouldn't enjoy DBU as that is not what the university has to offer. Instead it offers a home away from home, where you feel like you are welcome, where teachers, and falculty actually care about your well-being.


If you are wanting to attend a school that teaches from a Biblical perspective, provides a strong community of believers and has excellent professors who truly care about their students, then DBU is the school for you! It also provides many oppotunities to grow in your walk with the Lord and serve on a consistent basis in the community.


Any student, Dallas Baptist University has a lot of aspects and courses that can appeal to any person.


Someone that holds conservative values would enjoy the atmosphere at DBU. Someone who wants to get to know lots of people on campus and be involved would enjoy our campus life. Some students at DBU are very musically talented & some are athletic, both are highly respected on campus. Just because it says "Baptist" in the name of the school does not mean that we do not accept non- believers. In fact, our faculty and students are evangelical for the most and enjoy leading new believers to Christ. Someone who enjoys living in a larger city should attend DBU!


Someone who is interested in meeting amazing friends, and getting a personal education. Someone who is a Christian, or who wants to learn more about becoming a Chirsitian, or just about Christianity in general.


A student who is ready to learn and is willing to put in effert to recieve a grade!


The person that should attend this school is one that loves learning and social activities at the same time.


This school would be a good choice for a student that is seeking to live and learn in a distinctly Christ-centered and conservative environment. The should be academically minded, but also enjoy having fun! They should be hard working and be open to meeting new people.


Anyone can attend this school. I believe everyone feels welcome and is loved here.


Someone who wants to have fun while getting a degree in their chosen field.

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