Dallas Baptist University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is not willing to put in effort to learn should not attend this school. Honestly, it would be a waste of time and energy if you aren;t willing to apply yourself.


As of now, I would not know. An atheist should probably not attend this school since is is based upon biblical principles.


Someone who doesn't like structure


People (traditional-age and otherwise) who do not want to be challenged in their worldview, or hear how academics and Christianity go hand-in-hand will neither enjoy, nor make the most of their time here.


A person that is not in search of God. A person that is dishonest and that has low morals. This school is to prepare Christians for the real world.


People ofdifferent religious faiths other than Christian.


Students who are looking for a party school shouldn't attend DBU. DBU is also very pricey and at times it seems that the administration only care about the money. Students that don't have the financial resources may struggle paying for school.


The type of person who should not attend this university is someone who wants the typical college experience- football games, huge population, etc. We have about 5,000 students attending Dallas Baptist University, and we don't have a football team. Sad? I know. Also, if you're wanting a large campus or to live in a college town, Dallas really isn't the place to be.


People that are not open minded and willing to become a servant leader should not attend Dallas Baptist University. Also if the student were to be against the Bible or Christian views they could attend this college but they may find it hard because we take religious courses. I believe that anyone who is not willing to learn or devote their time to school and their studies would not be a proper fit for DBU>


Anyone with a desire to get a biblically based college education with a strong biblical foundation.


A person that is rebellious in nature should probably avoid Dallas Baptist. And since this university is a Baptist affiliated institution, a student who doens't like the idea of mandatory chapel or having professors pray before each class period probably shouldn't attend.


A liberal citizen who can't take another's opinion as an equal to their own.


There isn't any type of person that shouldn't go here. The school is very accepting of all types of people and for that reason we have a very diverse community of students.


If you are someone who loves to meet new people and who wants to learn all about life, I think DBU is the perfect school for you.


Someone who doesn't believe that faith and education should go hand in hand, someone who is looking for the "typical" college experience, someone who is looking for a big school atmosphere, and someone who is not actively involved with their community.

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