Dallas Baptist University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Because I tansferred to Dallas Baptist University from University of North Texas I was able to experience the atmosphere of both schools. With that experience I wish I had known, before I attended UNT that it was not the place for me and that I would be so much more comfortable and happier at Dallas Baptist University. Also I wish i had known that college is open and there is so much to do, I wish I could've gotten involved in clubs early as possible.


Before I came to this school, I wish I knew how different it would be in relation to high school and living with my parents. I did not realize the amount of responsibility I was actually going to have to take on myself.


Nothing. I felt very prepared both socially and academically.


I wish I had gotten a chance to know more about the teachers that were going to teach me. Luckily, so far the teachers that I did have were good teachers but I still had at least one teacher that was not as good as I hoped. So I wished I knew his teaching style and what to expect before I even entered his class, so that I could somehow prepare myself at least somewhat for his class.




I wish I had known about all the requirements to maintain scholarships. I also wish I had known about the extra classes I was required to take in order to keep in good standing with my scholarship. I would have prepared myself more for the type of people I was going to meet. Sometimes people at Dallas Baptist University cannot be so welcoming to ideas that are different from their own. It would be nice to know I was going to stay with my major. I would have tried harder if my major was set and stone.


I wish I had known better how to minimize my time spent on reading and comprehending textbooks and lecture notes in order to maximize the productivity of my time.


How dead the campus is on weekends.


Before attending my college I wish that I would have known how to best schedule my classes for each semester and I had known a basic understanding of financial aid. In the long run I wish I had asked more questions.


I wish I had known more about scholarships and financial aid. I wouldn't be in the situation I am in now if I had.


If you transfered to this school from another school, it is a lot harder to get involved, especially if you are close to graduation. Being roomed with all freshman is particularly hard, because we are at different places in our lives. They need to work on rooming people a little better according to ages.


I feel that I was very informed before I started. This school give alot of information for your to research and find on there website. I never arrived feeling lost or not having enough information. I had all of my question answered before school started.


I wish I would've known more about the lack of community among students on campus.


How to get more money from financial aide. I have been more stressed over financial aide these past 3 years than all my class work put together. There needs to be more oppertunity for scholarships or lower tuition.


I wish I had known specifically what major I was interested in.


How poorly the administration handles its finances.

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