Dallas Christian College Top Questions

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The professors are outstanding and the small classes ensure highest learning potential!


The classes are very small so the professors are able to get to know all the students, care about their progress and their lives, and mentor them through their school careers.


The school is effective in the ministry training. However, in the other fields, it seems as though the other fields are pushed to the back burner, especially the psychology department.


My school is unique in that it is a Christian school. Dallas Christian College not only encourages and enables their students to excel in their studies, help them grow in becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ.


Something unique that i don't like about the school is that there isn't any fraternitys or a gym and fitness center!


There are a lot of great professors and students at this college. You can go to anyone and they are more than willing to listen and talk with you no matter the issue. You always feel wanted. This is a great small college in a huge city there there are plenty of things to do. I came to DCC from a small country town in Missouri and I would do it again if I had the chance!