Dallas Christian College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have gotten a since of pride and knowledge about my Lord and Savior. I was always a bible reader, but when I went to Dallas Christian College they made me a warrior for God. They took the book of the Bible and explained it cover to cover on what God was saying back then and how to apply it to our lives. Also, I am able to share the goodness of God to others and that makes me proud. I will not only be getting a B.A. from this college I will also be getting a license to share Gods word in the right way.


I have received an education that will last the rest of my life and career. I have been taught by knowledgable, trustworthy, and incredible teachers, all of which love what they do and love theri students more. Some of my professors may not have a doctrate degree, but theie intlligence stretches far beyond mine. They have set a bar so high that I feel I may chase them the rest of my life. And for that to be one of my goals, I consider myself lucky. Some kids go to college and receive a rubbish education that they paid way too much for and will never use. I get to use my education every day.


The tools to effectively study the Word of God.


I have learned a lot througout my college experience about myself and who it is that I am. I have also learned to be more outspoken in the plans in which God has for my life. My children have been encouraged to see their mother return back to school after so many years and the health issues in which I endured being a liver transplant patient. This has encouraged them to keep striving in high school and plan for their own future. I will be attending college at least two more years which will help my two daughters to keep their focus on their high school and college studies.


I learned how to be more responsibile for what is more importend things in my life. God comes first and then comes school, in the past a really did not have the best out look about school. But now that I am in college i got start making a run for what the future has for me. Money dose not grow on trees and i have to work hard for what i want in life. College is showing me that nothing is easy in life. But if you work hard it can pay of.


I have learned through my various college classes how to improve my understanding of the world. To connect the concepts that compose each field of study, to make wise and knowledgable decisions based on that connectivity of thought. I have been able to develop methods of reason and careful analysis of the decisions I make and to realize their outcomes. The skills that I have acquired have helped me financially, physically, and in relating to others of all ages and cultures. By taking a variety of courses, I feel well-balanced as an individual and confident in my skills as a professional. I have learned to understand another's point of view and work with them, each having their unique standards, to create a successful result. I feel better prepared to help society, my family, my country, and my community in any compacity afforded me.


I have come closer to the Lord and the education and professors are top notch!


This college is different from most since it is a small Bible college, and I am different from most college students since I am over 40, married, with 4 children. Dallas Christian College has been a fabulous experience for me. I have learned so much about the Bible, about the beauty of its literature, about music and worship. I have gained a great deal of practical, hands-on experience for my career choice through activities and responsibilities on campus as well as in my off-campus internship. I was never made to feel out of place, even though I am closer to the age of most of my classmates parents. I have a definite sense of belonging here and confirmation that this is where I am supposed to be. The faculty here are great sources of help, direction, encouragement, and mentoring. They really care about the students and strive to guide them along the path. I will greatly miss everyone here when I graduate, and I look forward to going to seminary with all the knowledge, passion, and experience that I gained here.


When I graduated high school I was a mess. My mother fought and pushed me into going to Valley Fordge Military College which is exactly what I needed. After two years of militatry college I earned my AA degree and I had learned enough disipline to be able to transfer to Frostburg State University and graduate with a BS in Business Management after two and a half years. In my second year at Valley Forge was a starting offensive gaurd on their first college football team and I earned the rank of Provost Master Sergeant and acting team leader which was a great experience. I also played football my first year at Frostburg and would of continued to play if I had not gotten into a car accident which endied my football career. Those experiences gave me the confidence and ability to set goals for myself and drive to achieve them. Latley I have felt lost again so I am attempting to find a post graduate program that will allow me to set new goals for myself. I know this is the first step that I need to accomplish inorder for me to have a sucessful career change.


I would say that firstly it would be a renewed drive to learn, realizing that I am not incompetent. I have been homeschooled my entire life, which I greatly enjoyed, but I was nervous going to college, never having learned in a classroom. But the professors at DCC are so helpful and understanding, that I want to do well to please them, and in trying to do so, I realized that success was within reach, and it drove me to try harder. Most importantly I have come away from my first year with a deeper love and thirst for God. The professors are all devout Christians, encouraging the students to further their walk with the Lord by practicing the spiritual disciplines. And not only do the professors talk about it, but they show integrity by setting an example in faith and love and purity. Most of all I love the professors' passion in the classroom. They all care what they are talking about, and in turn I care and give a better effort in class, and that garantees a better experience. You get out of college what you put into it. I thank God that He led me to DCC.


I hesitate to write anything other than one word: Purpose. I came to Dallas Christian College after 7 years in a dead end corporate job that I started right out of highschool. I knew I was meant for something different; I knew the fabric of who I am was being stiffled on a career path that did not fit my design. I contacted other colleges, but DCC is the only one that took the time to help me discover my purpose from the onset. The admission counselor even told me then "what you think you might want to do will very likely change before you leave. Our hope is to make sure that you find what actually fits who you are." I am three years into my journey and I can honestly say that DCC has done exactly that. They have opened my eyes to a future that is purposed and fulfilling.


Growing up in the church I never thought that there was so much that I didn't know, but thanks to the professors at my school my eyes have been opened to many new things. I have learned new ways to study the bible and express my religion onto people along with many other helpful lessons in my degree. There is also an amazing community life. I have learned how to search for help within my classmates and other residents in the dorm. People always say college is the best part of your life and to cherish every moment of it and though I am not done with college yet, it has been an amazing experience that I will never forget. I have made lasting relationships on many different levels and have learned more about life than in any other part of my life.


Two years ago I started college for the first time, and immediatley it was an eye-openeing experience. The playing field was all different from what I was used to. During high school, my teachers would give me a progress report of my grades, they would always let me know where I stood in class, warn me if I missed an assignment, and classes were a lot shorter. My first day of college, all of my professors said pretty much the same thing, "This isn't high school anymore''. In a way I think it was generous of them to let me know that. They all made it very clear that the responsibility was in our hands and not theirs. Since then, I have become a much more independent person. I know what it means to not only make goals but acheive them. I have better people skills, and I know how to make wiser decisions. My dedication is much more fierce and resilient. The value is that I have learned not only morals and values for school but also for the real world. I have gotten out of college something that I will have forever.


My first year at college was full of new experiences. I've come out of my first year a very indepenndant person. After meeting new people and learning about the cultural things from where they're from such as clothing styles and the music they listen to, I've become a diverse person. I've also become more self-diciplined than I was before attending. I had to set aside time for studying and working. At first, it seemed like everything was going to be overwhelming, but it was all a matter of setting up my priorities. I came out of my first year a better person and I can't wait to see how the following years help me to advance.


Before this college I attended a University in Lousiana, which was my home town and felt God leading me to attend Dallas Christian. When I came to Dallas i didn't know anybody here, but the minute I started school I felt very welcomed by everybody, including teachers. I have never had any kind of relationships with my teachers before this school, and they really make sure you understand the materials for the classes. Though the school is smaller and the computers are not the best, they still make sure you get the help you need, and everybody knows your name. This school has not only helped me learn in a fun way, but also to know God and an understanding of the bible more clearly than I have every known. This school has been very valuable to me.


I have recieved joy utimately from my college experience. I believe that truly learning to be dedicated to something changes one's perspective on life around them. I learned time management, hard work, dilligence and I believe I am a better person for it. I know that the professors have my best interest at heart as long as I give them my best and try. I know that it has been valuable for me to attend because it is setting me up for success in the real world. I know that I will have the tools and the skills to make a successful teacher to the school that I attend on teaching at. I know that I can help the students I will be teaching with the mindset, attributes and lessons I learned from Dallas Christian College. I really believe that I am a better person since going to college and I know that because I have learned life lessons, met great people that I have formed lasting relationships with and I know that I am going to do better in the future with an education from Dallas Christian underneath me. I know I can take this and continue successfully.


My professors really truly care about me and what is going on in my life. They want to help me in life. That means so much to me.


what i have gotten out of my college expericence is how much can not live my life with god and how he can help. it has been the best two years of my life


I have felt that the education I have gotten was one of a kind. However, I just think that the amount of the school is too expensive. I often wonder where funds are going to come from to help pay.


I have gained confidence through my college experience. With every class I complete I feel more prepared to enter the workforce due to the knowledge I have gained. It is removing the fear of the unkown future and I relax with a sense of empowerment that knowledge brings. My relationship with the Lord is strengthened with each class as well and I can be sure that that is the driving force behind my confidence and sense of empowerment. It is the Lord who empowers me. It is so valuable for me to attend because I fully believe that employers want to see that degree with your resume because it shows a desire to follow through with committments. With my degree in hand I will (hopefully) stand out as someone who does indeed follow through with what I set out to do. It shows a certain determination to succeed in this life. That is all I really want. I want to succeed in life and do the things that one needs to in order to obtain that!


Idecided to change my career last year and enter the ministry. DCC offers the opportunity to pursue a degree online. This has been very helpful to me. It allows me to continue to work full-time and pursue ministry. I still work a couple of day each week in the industry as an engineer, but work full-time as the Youth Minister at Pine Lake Christian Church. I would not have been able to make this change and answer God’s calling without the assistance of DCC’s online program. Thanks to DCC, I am pursuing God’s calling at the ripe age of 50. God Bless and thank you DCC for your online program.


I have not only recieved a great education so far, but it has also given me self confidence by attending Dallas Christian College.


I made serveral new friends and people during my college experience. I had the opportunity to play college baseball and learned a lot more about God and how to read the Bible. I realized how important it is to stay on top of my grades and to do my best to make the best grades as possible. One of the biggest factors was that I learned how to live on my own by leaving my home city, I adapted to my new life and found out new things about myself. Attending college has been very valuable to me because it has has shown me how important is is to have for your future. I need to maintain my GPA and make sure I complete all of my hours to further continue my future career. Being in college had benefited my life by making me a more mature person and understanding what I really want to do for my future. Now that I have goals I want to accomplish and go above them to become the kind of person who is always moving forward in life.


I have experience alot lot of good things while attending college. The students, teachers, and the college environment has been inviting and intriguing. Attending college is the only way for me to succeed in life and that is what i intend to do. I'm a very good college student because I love to study and do my homework. I have very strong desires to succeed in my upcoming years of being in college. Having scholarships and grants will not only help pay for my tuition but It will let me become a registered nurse in which I attend to achieve. My parents always tell me that to be very successful in life is to have a good job to pay for all the things you want. And i believe that becoming a nurse will do just that. Winning this scholarship will not only make me happy but will make my parents happy to. I need all the help I can get to make my dream come true.


My college experience has enriched my life and has allowed me to become free of past hurts. I have excelled academically and have expanded my horizons. I have not just gained knowledge but more importanly intelligence. Personally I have overcome my fears and have been able to help others do the same. Attending DCC has been valuable because it has taught me who I am and who I can be when I apply myself, and do my best to live with integrity.


Going to DCC has helped me grow spiritually and furthered my education. I have met life long friends there and my future husband as well. DCC is a great learning environment and the professors are great!


I have just enrolled for the first time in college. I will be attending Kaplan University Online, starting on July 7,2010. I am very excited about returning to school for the first time in over thirty years, and the advisors at Kaplan University have made everything very easy for me so far. I scored very high on the assessment exam required to gain entrance to this university, and hope that I can continue to excel in the classes I take as I work toward my associates degree in Business Administration, and eventually my Bachelors Degree as well. Please consider me for this scholorship. I currently have no income and have qualified for a Pell Grant, but I have still had to take out student loans to make this dream of mine become a reality. I feel that getting this degree in Business Administration will help me in todays competitive job market.


I've gotten closer to God from attending this school and that's what I like the most about it. Most universities don't take the time to do things abiding by students religion and such but the school I attend does. They try not to offend anyone but still are able to teach the material.


I have really found who I am and where I want to be in life. I thought moving away to a different state would make my problems go away but since being at school, the problems were faced and dealt with. It was a life changing experience at Dallas Christian College. It has been valuable to attend college for many reasons. I got to better myself emotionally and I got to put more eduation towards my career goals. I want to help others by counseling them and I got great insight by my teachers and fellow classmates. I have found my best friends who I can come to no matter what and know that I still have someone that is there for me. College is a great place to figure out who you are and who you want to be.


Josh, You are a senior now, about to embark on your life?s journey. Right now you are unsure about what you want to do in life. I know it seems easy to just stay home and attend one of the local community colleges, but let me warn you. If you do that you will not have the discipline to attain your associates in two years. You will focus more on women, work and fun. You will end up spending too much time in community college, waste money, and get disappointed by women. Then before you know it, you will be in your sixth year of college, with out an associate degree, working full-time at a job you do not enjoy while being a young father. Now I know you dream of being a father, but wait until you are done with college and have a career that you will enjoy. I suggest you immediately apply for Dallas Christian College. This college will change your life. Hold on to your integrity and values and do not worry about finding love. That will come in due time. Focus on God, your life and your education. Good luck.


If i could go back, I would converse with my younger self and say, "Have a plan 'B', know that sometimes things don't work out the way you want." In my senior year of high school I had my whole future planned out. My heart was set on the Marines, I knew that's what I wanted to do with my life. However as the summer progressed I realized that my dream of serving my country might not be what's best for me. I want to get as much education as I can about Sound Engineering, which pointed me away from the military and towards college. It was at this point that I realized I didn't have a back up plan behind my original military plan. Trying to get into college after I graduated, without a set plan and essentially no money saved up was one of the hardest things I've had to do, but I know this is what I want and what's best for me. So if I could go back, I would tell myself to prepare for more than one thing, because you never know what life will throw at you.


The advice that I would give to myself is to not wait so long. I would tell myself to pursue all of the dreams and goals that I had set for myself because college is not so hard that I would not succeed. It is a lot more work but it will pay off in the long run. I would tell myself to not be affraid of failing and just do the best that I could.