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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


First, an understanding of who I was in high school is appropriate. Having grown up in NYC, opportunities to find an entry level job was not hard. Moreover, I was not a big fan of schooling. However, now having gradutated from Queensborough Community College, New York University and Dallas Theological Seminary (also planning to begin a Ph.D program in the Fall) I can certainly say that although many of the transitions are tough, they are certainly worth it. When a high schooler gets a glimpse of the work needed for an undergraduate degree, the task may seem overbearing and therefore one to forfeit. There is much reading, writing, studying, etc. involved and many simply forgo it assuming it unworthy. However, a good education gives you an understanding of the world. It will equip you with the wisdom and knowledge to get yourself around in a way that will also help you contribute to your society. Sure, it is possible to breeze through life without an appetite for knowledge, but the life that seeks to make a difference in the world will be one that is aware of it's surroundings - the basis of which comes with a good education.