Dalton State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


It's business and health care programs. They have a wide variety of classes to help you get your degree.


This school is known for its academic rigour in english. If you want to study english. Then dalton state is the school for you. The other degree programs are okay, but you will most likely end up transferring to another school.


Dalton State College is best known for it's beautiful campus and bell tower, which rings every hour on the dot. The curriculum may be a little tough but, with the help of the staff, teachers, and other students you will succeed and earn a degree from a university system close to home.


Dalton State has an awesome nursing program! I am not even in school for nursing and have got to hear all about it because of all the students interested in it. Dalton has an overall great learning environment, and is a very nice college!


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Nursing program


Dalton State has just received accreditation as a 4 year business school. There are other 4 year degrees also offered such as Nursing, and Early Childhood Education.


Dalton State College is best known for the work students volunteer for and do in the community. there is always an event or activity being posted, for students to be involved in. We volunteer for everything from Food and diaper donations to giving blood.


I've heard that our radiology progam here is really well-known.