Dalton State College Top Questions

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The school is very close to home and don't have to drive very far to get there. The atmosphere is friendly it gives off the feeling that you belong there. The school is not small nor large it's the right size to begin the college experince.


Dalton State is unique because even though it has really high rated programs, it remains one of the least expensive schools in the state.


Dalton state features small class sizes with professors that are always willing to help you. It is a great campus and everyone is friendly. DSC is a safe campus, we always have officers patroling the school to ensure saftey and if anything happens you get an emergency text telling you what has happened.


There is a special bell tower located in the middle of the campus. It sounds on every hour reminding students of the time. You can here the bell tower throughout the whole campus even indoors.


If the student graduated high school in GA with at least a 3.0 GPA, HOPE will cover the tuition and fees completely and provide $150 for books each semester. DSC is a smaller school, and I have been in classes with as few as 9 students up to as many as 54. This makes it very easy to form a relationship with the teacher and be held accountable for one's grades and work. The professors provide ample study materials and respond quickly when asked for help. There is always a positive, upbeat atmosphere across the campus.


It is a college that offers many different programs and majors. It has a very diverse student body, but it still has a "small town" feel. I have attended a couple different colleges, Dalton State has been the best by far. The other small schools I personally attended did not offer much in the way of diversity. Dalton State does a great job at having a lot to offer but still remain to feel like a community college.


It is a small campus and close to friends and family.


I don't really know a lot about other colleges. I attened one years ago but there is really no comparison there. The one thing that stands out in my mind is the fact that a large portion of the students are older as I am and returning to college after working for many years in other professions so I feel we take learning more seriously.


The most unique thing about my school is its size. I like small classes where you get to interact with the teachers rather than being crowded in a room filled with 200 people. Communication with professors is the key to really understanding the material presented. In a class with over 200 people its hard to have that special one-on-one time with your professor to make sure you get the help that you need. Small classrooms give you that time to ask your professors meaningful questions that will benefit you for future exams.


Everyone at this college is extrememly helpful with anything you may need. All the professor will assist you both in and out of class. There are facilities that are perfect for studying or just taking a break with friends. All around this is a very good school both educationally and socially.