Dalton State College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Dalton State College?


The most frustrating thing about attending Dalton State is that we have a satellite campus in Gilmer County, but it does not offer a wide range of classes. This campus is GREAT for a student to get started, but after so long there is no choice but to attend the main campus in Dalton. Having to maintain a full-time job makes it very difficult to attend a campus that is as further away. It would be great if they could make the campus a full satellite campus opposed to a partial campus.


I hate the traffic getting to class. There's definitely not enough parking, and it's almost suicide to try to cross pavement between classes. All the best parking is already reserved, and the only little parking garage is as far as it can possibly be from the school itself.


The most frustrating thing about Dalton State would be that it is still structured like a high school. The college experience is supposed to be different from that of high school. In terms of teachers not hand holding students and various activities this school is lacking. I think in order to rectify the situation the attendance policies should be done away with, and that the school should have more entertainment activities going on during school hours for those who are waiting for class.


The most frustrating thing is parking. There are limited spaces on campus to park, so we have to park at the Northwest GA Trade center and take the shuttle to class.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the praking situation. In order to not have to walk a mile to class you have to get to school extra early. With my busy schedule I dont have time to get there early just so I dont have to walk for 15 min to get to class


The most frustrating thing about my school is that their is never any study rooms available when you need them. Some people are always in the study rooms socializing or not even studying. I think if you want to socialize their are many places other than the study rooms on campus where you can talk. That is a big waste for people to not even use them properly when they are in the rooms. The study rooms imply studing and thats what most people try to get a room so they can work without all the tempting distractions around them.