Dartmouth College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Dartmouth College is a top-tier, post-secondary institution with an abundance of opportunities for intellectual, creative, and social engagement.


Dartmouth College allows for individuals that have not been exposed to various culture and ethnice groups to be exposed, however, it does not and frankly cannot force the students to grow and become more openminded from those interactions, if they interact at all.


A gem in the forest.


Dartmouth is a melting pot filled comprised of students ranging from well-dressed "prepsters" to environmentally conscious hippies, all of whom share a common goal of self-disocvery amongst a place with much to be discovered.


It's filled with green and laid-back students who are mostly willing to help one another enthusiastically and many of whom can drink hard.


My school provides unlimited opportunities for all the students to enhance their intellectual capabilities, knowledge, and sense of self through academia, community and global service, athletics, and social events; all the while, students can feel comfortable and embrace their weirdness, unique personality, strive to go beyond their goals and desires, make long lasting friendships with schoolmates and faculty, and eat healthy and delicious food.


Located in beautiful New Hampshire, Dartmouth is an open and accepting community full of bright minds that want to make a difference in the world.


Dartmouth is the ultimate college - it has the best professors in the world, some of the most passionate and brightest students, the most fiercely loyal alumni, the most extensive possible off-campus internship/study program offerings, and a collective desire to "make the world's problems our own problems."


My school is one of the most rewarding places to gain knowledge, both from an intellectual and societal point of view.


dartmouth is a place where you learn as much by talking to your classmates as you do in the classroom.


in the middle of nowhere


An small, fraternity based school, where you can't possible get below a 2.5 that has all the connections and perks of being the Ivy League institution that it is.


A great place to spead the most important four years of your life.


This school is the perfect mixture between amazing academics and a fun social life.


It is a small school with mostly bright kids who are extremely focused on either making a difference or making money; everyone drinks a lot.


The liberal arts education that Dartmouth is providing has allowed me to learn about the world through many different eyes alongside some of the smartest most inspirations people in the world.


Dartmouth is a generous, undergrad-focused school that welcomes many kinds of students from different backgrounds and with different interests ranging from pingpong to canoeing and football, basketball, soccer, and hockey to debate, dance, community service, cooking contests, etc.


Dartmouth College is an elite school with a strong undergraduate focus and emphasis on the outdoors.


These are some various views of Dartmouth taken from different locations.


is home to the Dartmouth student center.


the green is a large plot of grass that the college takes care of throughout the year and is situated in front of Baker


Baker Berry Library one of the focal points of Dartmouth.


holds different activities for students


Dartmouth students enjoy the nice weather




Through the dinning hall