Dartmouth College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Dartmouth is well-known for many things. Aside from being an academically strong school and a member of the Ivy League, it's probably best known for being located in the "middle of nowhere," providing students with great opportunities to explore the outdoors. In fact, one of the most popular clubs on campus, the Dartmouth Outing Club, hosts week-long freshman orientation trips that involve hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, trailwork, and cabin camping, which are led by upperclassmen and approximately 95{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of freshman attend. It's an amazing introduction to life at Dartmouth.


My school is best known for its undergraduate education, that is the academics, the involvement of the professors in the success of the students and the teaching styles of the professors.


Computer science and engineering, medicine, business, languages


My school is known for having the best undergraduate teaching, being the best liberal arts university, and strong alumni support.


The alumni network is an aspect of Dartmouth College that is well known to students and those considering applying to Dartmouth, especially in relation to other colleges and universities. The alumni are extremely dedicated to the school when it comes to recruiting Dartmouth graduates and helping in the admission process from interviews, to hosting local dinners and socials promoting the school and introducing students to alumni. The alumni are also some of the most generous donors with a large percent of the budget and financial aid coming from alumni donations.


academic excellence, winter sports, and frat life.


ivy league


The outdoors, the small liberal arts experience combined with the resources of a large university, friendly and happy student population, Greek life, foreign languages program, study abroad opportunities.


Being rustic and outdoorsy and also very academically challenging.


Ivy League; Greek life; beautiful Upper Valley New Hampshire location; tradition of excellence


Dartmouth is best known for its focus on undergraduate students, despite the fact that Dartmouth is actually a university with plenty of graduate students. Everything is geared towards helping undergraduates find a good graduate program or a good job.


Dartmouth, true to its tradition, is best known as being the more laid-back, outgoing Ivy nestled in the mountains of Hanover, New Hampshire. We're known for our love of the outdoors, our intimate undergraduate experience set against the backdrop of world-class graduate schools and programs, our loyalty to the Big Green before and after Graduation Day, and the fact that the Dartmouth experience and education serves to open numerous doors into every industry and endeavor students pursue later in life.


It's best known for its work and party hard attitude.


Traditionally Dartmouth has been best known for its strong academics and for its reputation as the "alcoholic of the Ivies." The first part of this reputation is very accurate, while the second is not. Dartmouth students know how to work hard but also how to have fun and enjoy life. There is drinking, mostly at the very inclusive and open greek houses, but it is not all-consuming on campus. Students find other ways to enjoy themselves and relax. Many students here are active and love spending time outdoors as well as being actice in their community.