Dartmouth College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I talk about the small class sizes, engaging professors, and strong communal spirit. It is the people that make Dartmouth what it is. More than anything, students are tied together by their shared affection for the granite and woods of New Hampshire. The school holds a special place in their hearts; in the words of Daniel Webster (Class of 1801), Dartmouth "tis but a small college, but there are those who love it." Dartmouth students, more than others, value college traditions and keep them alive for posterity.


Great, friendly colloaborative student atmosphere. Students have a multitude of opportunities to interact with professors one-on-one. Campus wide there are lots of different activities and student groups to get involved with based on interest. The campus and surrounding country is beautiful. Food in the dining hall isn't too bad.


The cool classes we have, the entertainment, the free stuff I get, the incredible people I meet.


Dartmouth is an institution that focuses on the undergraduates, and really wants us to suceed. I brag the most about that.


I brag that my school is one of the only in the area to offer Anthropology. I also love their willness and their hard attempts to make school affordable for everyone.


The part of this school that means the most to me is the community and my ability to learn in an amazing environment and enjoy myself with a plethora of opportunities to hang out with friends and enrich myself culturally, artistically, and in many other ways.


The amazing people I meet at school and all the amazing, worldy things that they've done. Also, just general observations about the type of people who go to school here. I value a lot of the things that they are exemplars of.


My hedge fund job. Dartmouth helped me get that.


We have the friendliest, most involved student body.


The beauty of the landscape and the quality of students who attend the school.


How perfect it is. The fact that we own our own ski/snowboarding mountain. How safe it is - when you lose your wallet someone will email you saying they have it. My friends and how amazing they are.




Community, academic rigor, food, outdoors


I tell them about the summer I took a theater course during which I was in class six hours a day, six days a week, working on a play that was still being written with a visionary director/playwright, creating a performance piece with a group of 11 of the most significant East African theater artists to perform with them, and interning with the New York Theater Workshop to work with playwrights, directors, and actors, on incredible plays in development. Where else can you do that?


D-Plan: allows us to easily study abroad and take advatange of internships during terms other than summer.


I brag about how endless the opportunities are on campus and how easy it is to learn and meet people on campus.


The class sizes are small and the professors are easily accessible if you have questions.


Incredible social scene filled with real people who have a lot of fun. Also, great professors who provide interesting and unique thoughts, delivered by dynamic lectures.


I brag about how I go to an Ivy League school.