Dartmouth College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


"ragey" (they like to prty it up!) work hard, play hard. able to balance a million clubs with fratting and school


alcoholics, "crunchy" outdoorsy people, overachievers


Dartmouth College students drink too much alcohol.


An old essay written at the end of the nineteenth century compares Dartmouth to Sparta and Harvard to Athens. In other words, Dartmouth is seen as intellectually pragmatic, while Harvard is viewed as intellectually abstract. I am not sure if this captures the spirit of Dartmouth, which I found, as a student, to be intellectually compelling, motivating, and inspirational. My time at Dartmouth changed my life and made me want to become not a Wall Street honcho but a scholar-- and now I am. That said, these days, Dartmouth students are probably seen as rowdy, raucous, and full of vim, even if, during their quiet hours, they are hitting the books and tackling tough questions.


-Everyone is an athlete -Party, party, party -Nothing to do in the town


One stereotype is that Dartmouth is a fraternity-dominated, beer-drinking party school, mainly due to the movie Animal House. Another is that it is a conservative old boy network that is still an uncomfortable place for women and minorites. A third stereotype is that it is like other Ivy League schools, in that students there are very smart and very stuck up.


Intelligent people who know how to party


Dartmouth students are stereotypically viewed as one of two polar extremes: crunchy recluses or elitist binge-drinkers.


1. That all Dartmouth students are alcoholics 2. That Dartmouth is a "safety Ivy" with no academic standards 3. That there's nothing at all to do here 4. That the school is very conservative and close-minded 5. That you won't be able to find a good job since few people know what Dartmouth is


Alcoholics living in the woods


Dartmouth is definitely a unique experience. And the vast majority of Dartmouth loves it here, a lot. The school is not for everyone though - for instance, people who love shopping and fashion tend to feel the isolation a lot more than the outdoorsy kids.


Dartmouth is absolutely the greatest college in the entire universe. I transferred here from UCLA and am SO glad I did. Coming to Dartmouth is the best decision I've ever made.


Preppy, drink a lot, Work Hard Play Hard model


not diverse, conservative, "boys" school, drinking school


That they are pretty "granola-y" they hang out in the wilderness and they party hard.


We drink a lot, we're Greek, we are focused on going to law, business or med school and we have an old boy conservative element but also some strong liberal voices.


Dartmouth students are generally lazy, and although they work hard, the party harder.


There is the stereotype that Dartmouth is a huge party school and, of course, there is the ivy league stereotype.


Everyone parties.


The biggest stereotype is that all Dartmouth students drink heavily all the time.


Dartmouth students are supposed to be misogynistic jocks that drink like fish.


I know people say we party alot.


Dartmouth has many fraternities and sororities, and everyone drinks. People at Dartmouth frown upon the Christian community. There is nothing to do at Dartmouth because it's in the middle of nowhere.


That everyone is super laid back and it is the most laid back ivy school. People are normal and like to have a good time.


Crunchy, liberal relaxed kids. Lots of athletes and outdoorsy kids. Dartmouth is seen as a liberal campus.


Probably the biggest stereotype is that Dartmouth students are constantly binge drinking and hanging out in frat basements.


Big drinkers, yet studious. Manly, outdoorsy men & frat boys. Laid-back, crunchy, not-so-hot women, and spoiled rich girls (it's an ivy after all). Not a ton of diversity.


Extremely liberal, cooperative with/helpful to others. Men are stereotyped to be macho traditional "good old" boys.


that all the students are nerdy and snobs


That Dartmouth is in the middle of no where and all the kids that go here are tree-hugging, out doorsy types. There is also a big stereotype that the girls here are not very attractive, but the culture here is so "rural".


We are very laid-back, even when we have a humongous courseload and there's homework piled up to our necks. We love to rage (party) and spend a majority of our weekends in frat basements or in Greek dance parties. We are also extremely independent individuals, and we appreciate diversity.


Heavy drinkers Conservative


We're stuck out in the middle of nowhere with nothing better to do than drink, and that a New Hampshire winter will surely destroy anyone coming from anywhere south of say, New Hampshire.


Fratty nerds. Work hard and party hard. Outdoorsy. Active. Conservative.