Dartmouth College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students who are looking for a school to challenge themselves academically and athletically within the Ivy League, to explore their interests through a liberal arts education, to engage in research and study-abroad opportunities in order to apply their knowledge outside the classroom, to form intellectual relationships with peers and professors within a close-knit community, to feel the sense of belonging in a town that nurtures its youth, to immerse themselves in the refreshing and invigorating environment of New England, to become one with nature, to proudly call their Alma Mater.


Some who wants their college to feel like a family. The campus is filled with tradition and an overwhelming love for the school. The college is strong in every academic area and has an alumni network like no other. City dwellers beware, you are in the boonies up here. Be prepared for cold winters and think about buying some skis and some nice hiking boots.


This school is best for the hardworking and self-motivated individual. The academic competition that exists on this campus is very internalized in that people work harder because they want to better themselves rather than be better than the other people in their class. The stereotypical Dartmouth student loves the outdoors and loves being with other people. This campus has such a laid back feel but all the students are involved in many different activities which allows them to remain busy and have an active voice that is genuinely heard by the administration.


Cool, chill bros.


Hardworking, passionate, friendly, empathetic, sociable


Someone looking for a small school with a really tight knit community. Plusses include friendly locals, students, and professors, small classes and a vibrant frat scene. Minuses include extremely cold winters and a lack of social options outside of frats.


Open-minded students are best suited for Dartmouth. People who had a true determination to succeed in life and make the best out of their situation.


Every kind of person is valued, but of course to be able to succeed academically and socially it is neccesary to be hard-working, determined and motivated. Everyone has multiple responsibilities in and out of the classroom. It helps significantly to be outgoing and social, but of course that is the kind of thing that changes as one matuers and becomes more confident in oneself. Overall there is no single "Dartmouth student" stereotype, but everyone has similiar qualities in intelligence, motivation, and talent, whatever that talent may be.


People looking for a rounded education. Students forget that Dartmouth is not a vocational school for business.


People with a sense of humor, who like the cold


someone who can have fun, not get pissed off at the little things, likes the outdoors, and wants to put as much into thier learning as they take out


Someone who is very open minded and is willing to get out of their comfort zone should attend this school. Also, the person should be prepared to work very hard because Dartmouth College is not EASY!!!!!! That individual will NOT float through. He or she will be definitely be demanded academically. On another note, the person must understand that they are making an investment. As much as the work can be demanding, you could easily choose to learn nothing. The person must be eager to learn, to live life abundantly, to meet interesting and smart people, and to have fun!


outdoorsy, social, likes to drink, academically focused


Positive, enthusiastic, likes the outdoors, open minded, motivated, outgoing, athletic


There really aren't a handful of "types" who should or should not be encouraged to apply to and attend Dartmouth College. The campus is diverse in terms of recruiting students from all walks of life, and any prospective student should visit during the schoolyear in order to experience what Dartmouth has to offer.


Anyone. It's a diverse campus.


Someone who is extremely warm and amicable. Friendliness is key to success, and nobody appreciates bitter, vindictive, overly competitive, reclusive, or whiny peers.


Either someone who is witty, quirky, and outdoorsy, or someone who is preppy and into binge drinking.