Dartmouth College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The Dartmouth social scene is dominated by Greek life.


Because of the dominance of the Fraternity culture, the culure is pretty platantly sexist. The other problem is that people here really love Dartmouth, and that promotes a culture of silence around the College's flaws. I wish people would recognize the faults of the school and work to change them. Instead, feminists are ridiculed for wanting to be respected, athlete's are revered for their (lack of) skill on the field. The arts departments kind of suck, in that they're so limited.


The most frustrating thing at Dartmouth would have to either be the climate: lack of sun, abundance of precipitation, cold temperatures; Or it'd have to be the demand and pressure to perform. Along with that, the depression and feeling of inadequacy that comes from anything less. I know people that completely break down from getting a B+ in a class. I personally refuse to let a letter or percentage dictate my happiness and/or success in life. Most people I go to school with don't see it that way.


Everyone is so smart sometimes I feel like I get lost in the mix.


The long, hard, cold winters. They start early and end late. If you can deal with that, it is the best undergraduate experience in America (best teaching, its a fact). If you can get used to frats...


The location would be the most fustrating aspect of Dartmouth College. In general it is extremely hard to find things you need or get to larger cities because of the lack of transportation provided by the college. Also, during the winter it is near impossible to leave the campus because of the poor quality of the roads surroudning the campus and the extreme amounts of snow and ice we recieve during the winters.


At every school there will be the political theorists, the engineers, the to-be dropouts and the corporate sell-outs. Dartmouth is easily dominated by the last group. This is in no small part due to the fact that the fraternity/sorority system that dominates social life here resembles the old-boys network persistent across much of the financial and business world. I think the entrenchment of Greek life undermines intellectual life because the pervasive bias against intellectual pretention toward hanging out and getting hammered means students who could be happy doing either will choose to play Pong over Foucault.




I can't find any internships or work in the area and the dartmouth d-plan is almost useless because we're on a quarter system and most internships are semester-based.


It's very small and isolated.


Parking is pretty bad!


The size and the weather.




as a result of the D-plan, people are constantly coming and going which strains relationships, friendships, and makes finding housing confusing/difficult; also the dplan makes it difficult to find internships and compatible transfer or study abroad programs; also Dartmouth study abroad programs are terrible; also too much of campus social life is centered around binge drinking and "blacking out" etc


The cliched complaints about the gender dynamic and racism.


Far too theoretical based, doesn't have premed as a major