Dartmouth College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The students. They're from everywhere with so many different interests and types of knowledge.


The best thing about Dartmouth is the challenging nature of coursework because it allows students to excel in any arena and at any level. For example, I took classes at other reputable colleges and the coursework was ridiculously simple. I aced my classes by giving little effort. I earn B+'s and A-'s at Dartmouth through much effort. All in all, Dartmouth strengthens students intellectually.


Dartmouth College is a small institution that truly fosters the development of its students into social, successful, and competitive individuals in a warm, friendly community. Additionally, Dartmouth professors are rightly ranked #1 according to US News & World Report. This institution goes beyond its brand name and for most people the Dartmouth education is worth the steep tuition.


The community and the quality of the academics and professors at my school are the most important to me. I instantly felt at home here and have friends that I consider family. The sense of community and caring amongst classmates and even between teachers and students is almost overwhelming, and certainly incredible. At the same time, the quality of the students and professors here is amazing, such that learning inside and outside the classroom is superb and totally engaging.


The strong community is the greatest asset.


The people. They're friendly, talented, and typically very down to earth.


The cooperative nature of the students as well as professors. The inclusive social spaces and environments. The ability for students to really pursue their academic desires in a low student to professor ratio, a variety of courses and majors (including modified majors), and a strong liberal arts education.


The other interesting students that you meet.


How everyone that goes there is so different... but they all have one thing in common. They chose to get a great education, and not just a great name on a diploma. This goes a longer way than you would think in uniting the campus in one big social scene.


The best thing about my school is the future it leaves you open to.


The outstanding mix of individuals and diversity of activities available to students.


The people. The classes and everything are great, but my friends are what really make Dartmouth awesome.


The rural location allows for really introspective study, but the size of the student body cancels out loneliness. The co-ed frat system is pretty healthy.


Strong sense of community. The beauty of the landscape and the quality of students who attend the school.


How much everyone loves the school becuase it makes the environment so much more enjoyable and gives everyone at least one thing in common. It also makes everyone much more excited to be there and gives an overall feeling of happiness.


High level of inclusion in the Greek social scene. Motivated, hard-working, academically focused, and very bright student body.




Community. Come visit and you'll see.


Positive Academic environment, school spirit, smart students.




diverse student body


The best thing about this school is the amazing people that you meet. A big part of the college experience is to meet new people, people who may become lifelong friends. Dartmouth makes this easy with all of the activities for freshman as well as upperclassmen. I met over 100 people my first year at Dartmouth, and I've made friends that are incredible. I can't believe that I know people who are so fun, brilliant, etc!


The best thing about Dartmouth is how close-knit a community it is. Even if alumni have nothing in common with you, they can appreciate that you love Dartmouth as much as they do. This is Dartmouth's major selling point, I think. Also, if you want to do research or write a thesis, you have ample opportunities to do so, which is fairly unique in an undergraduate-focused institution.


Friendly, beautiful, amazing surroundings


I think that it's small location is a positive because as a freshman, it allows you to become fixated on the school.


Student band Performs!