Darton State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and advise myself of the world outside high school, I would. After high school, I decided to take a break from school. Looking back, I would inform myself that this was not a wise choice. It is harder to go back to school after taking time off. You forget a lot of things you have learned in school by lack of practice. I would also tell myself that time management is something of importance. In college, you have to stay on top of your work and studying. In order to succeed at furthering your education you need to set an achievable goal. Every semester, focus on that particular goal and then the next semester set another goal. Keep working to achieve your own goals and this will keep you motivated. If I could go back to high school, I would definitely start college the following fall. I would work hard and be in a better position to provide for my children. It is hard to go to school and take care of two kids. Do things the right way. Start a career and then start a family. It will pay off in the long run.


I would sit down and talk with everyone and let them know that college is more serious than they think. Its not high school anymore and that your teachers isn't gooing chase after you asking you di you turn in your homework or not, in college either you turn it in on time or you just don't have it at all. Another thing is always get active with the school you can meet so many friends that way and if you are shy your communication skills will get so much better. Something else that is important is your parents can't call the school and let your teacher know that your going to be missing school, you have to email them and let them know that yourself because those teachers don't care they going to teach regardless


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice I would first stress to myself not to be in such a hurry to grow up, and to take some time to enjoy life as a young adult as much as I could. I would try to make myself understand that I know so much less than I thought I do, and that I need to try to be more patient with life and not to make such quick decisions. I had a child when I was seventeen so this completely changed my life when I was fresh out of highschool. If I could go back I would tell that young woman to focus on what she needs and to not be so concerned by what others think of you. But most importantly I would tell that girl that she is stronger than she believes and that she will be okay.


I know that you just moved halfway across the country and you swear that you'll move the second you graduate, but you won't. You'll stay at Mom and Dad's to save money and you'll pay your way through community college. That FAFSA thing that everyone is talking about, you need to apply for it. You can't get financial aid without it. That funny looking counselor that says the word "scholarships" with a lisp, you should talk to him. If you apply and receive those scholarships he always talks about, then you can skip the whole community college experience and go directly to a university. Also, those AP classes that you signed up for are going to be really hard but also really worth it. If you get high enough scores, you can knock out a whole semester of freshmen year. Start thinking about your major. This decision is huge. Don't pick something that will just make money, but choose a path that will lead you to a career you're actually interested in. You're a good student; don't doubt that. With the right amount of planning, you will surely succeed.


If I can go back in time, I would tell my self that being a high school senior is just another step closer to my goal. I would convince myself to make better grades, get my assignment done on time, and get involve in volunteer service. I would also include that im now a senior so whats next. College would be the first thing in my mind after high school because I know if I want to further my education I have to recieve more education. My future plans, and career dreams would be all I would think about because that is what my success would tell about me. As a senior ,I loved that part of high school. The reasons why I loved it is because it was my last year, and my last year wasnt as hard as all my other years. The seniors also had differnet senior activities which made me feel special. I was recognize because of my strong potential that I made it to senior year, and now I'm almost done going into college. It was the happiest moment ever in history for me. I would also tell myself to never ever give up.


Advice i would give myself would be keep high enough grades that qualify for hope and apply for grants and scholarships because school isnt cheap. Apply for more than one school because theres alot of great schools you can attend to future your education


I would tell the younger me to stay in my parents house and not rent a place at the same time of learning a degree. It was very hard. Also I would tell myself to look for a scholarship. Back when I was young I was not aware of this option. I would also tell me to try hard to get the best grades i can and to be aware of what these grades mean for my future.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would encourage myself to continue my education. When I graduated from school, I had some life changing events occur that threw me off track. I was a straight A student and had taken all college preparatory classes. College just wasn't in the cards for me at the time, or at least I didn't think it was. I always had the desire to go to school, but just didn't know how or what to do. No one in my family had graduated from college and I found myself in unchartered territory. Now, I would encourge myself to explore ways to fund college and focus on getting a degree. I've seen that college life is a wonderful transitional time in a persons life and that the chance to learn and grow is remarkable. I'm a non-traditional student now and I have a daughter that is currently a junior in college. I can't change my past, but I have been able to encourage my daughter and watch her benefit from the college experience. It has been very rewarding,.


The best advice that I could give a younger version of me is to not panic. Yes college life seems scary and hard but it is the best time of your life. Keep on top of your studies and dont take too many classes outside you major just for the fun of it as you will end up getting bogged down and your GPA may drop. All in all you will do fine so enjoy your time at Darton and good luck on the rest of your future.


Attending college opens you up to many more opportunities then the ones allotted if all you possess is the general requirements to gain a high school diploma or a GED. There are many fields you may study and plenty of assistance to help you get to where you want to be. Going to college has not only put me in the direction to a phenomenal future, but also allowed me to experience life. During my time spent going to college I have developed the skills needed to perform well in any environment that I may be placed. Furthering my education not only guarantees me the basics that provoke one, such as financial stability, but a sense of achievement, that I can do whatever it is that I want and the only thing that can restrain that is me.


my school has taught me how to put in hard work and has allowed me the opportunity to develop relationships with people from all walks of life. I would not have learned how to interact with people from other cultures if it had not been for my school


The greatest thing that I've gained from attending college is happiness. I enjoy learning new things, and get extremely excited when given the opportunity to share my good grades with my mother. Attending college gives me such levity, and a feeling that my goals aren't insurmountable. I can't afford to continue my education at this point, since i'm putting myself through college, but I'd give anything to get that feeling of self-worth back.


While in primary school, we are constantly told the typical lines, "the sky is the limit", "you can do anything you put your mind to", but very seldom are we told how to deal with the realities of life. I have learned that everyone's journey through life is different. How one person may obtain his or her goal may be completely different than how you may achieve yours, it could be easier or at times, harder. Through my college experience, not only have I learned how to deal with the tough times: the days when things do not go as planned, the times we are told "No", the temptations, and the failure; I have also learned how to overcome the obstacles that we face day to day. I have learned that nothing is set in stone and that we must remain flexible, positive, focused and passionate about what our hearts desire. I was denied several times before receiving acceptance into nursing school had I given up, I would not be fufilling my dream. By attending college I am one step closer to becoming something that I am truly passionate about, a Nurse.


Dear Senior Me: Look honey, the world does not revolve around you! Things won't always go your way and life will get pretty screwed up sometimes. They're going to see you sweat, and there's nothing you can do it. The show always goes on and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You're going to lose relationships you thought you wouldn't and gain some you never expected. You have to learn to make lemonade out of life's grapes, and don't forget Jesus. Use your talents, they'll get you far, but don't get too cocky with them. Don't always listen to your heart or your head, find their harmony. You are an adult now, act like it. High school drama transcends into the adult world, don't play into it. Hold onto hope, faith and love. They will get you far. "This above all: To thine own self be true" Love, Me p.s. This is just 1 year, imagine what I'll say in 20!


I know everyone wants to give you advice right now, but take a few minutes, sit down, and discover what's really important to you. Your world will change drastically within the next two years. That may sound scary but let me share with you a few things that won't change, a few things that need your attention: 1. Your family. They will still support you in every way they can as long as you let them. Mom and Dad love you, they have some amazing advice, and they deserve your respect! 2. Your dream. I know you think you don't have one that's worth it right now, but one of the most influencial things you can do is to help others accomplish their dreams. There are so many life-shaking revolutions about to take place in Albany. They simply need you to dream big enough to see them through! 3. Your faith! A radical pastor by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. said that "our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Don't become silent about the redemption of Christ Jesus! His true love is radical. Share it!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would encourage myself to go off to college. Going off to college gives students a different experience. Commuting back and forth to school and working does not give you the full experience as a first-time college student. By staying on campus you are able to participate more in clubs, groups or events on campus and you have more access to help with your academics. Overall it is a better experience and this experience will be something to charish over time.


Going back into time when I was a high school senior, I didn't think college would be a big responsibility that it is. It is not hard and I think that I can complete it, it is just the simple fact that I have to make my own decisions. In high school, the teacher used to remind us time after time about homework assignments and upcoming test and to study. The college professors are different. They give a syllabus in the beginning of the semester and expect us to go by it. They expect us to be responsible enough to know when assignments and tests are due. I also would have liked to understand financial aid and hope a little bit better, I am still in the process of understanding how it goes. The most important advice I would give myself is be responsible and make the right decisions.


No subject is as scary as you think it is. Of course you don't understand higher mathematics or complex science or advanced composition or whatever it is you're hung up on; that's why you have to take the courses. Take them, try them, see what you're good at, and really try - don't self sabotage. This is why it's called a learning process, and there are more lessons to be learned from it than just what you'll find in a classroom.


I would tell myself to be better prepared. Study harder if it was my first time going to school and pay closer attention to what the professors were telling me. Be sure to read the chapters and to stay ahead so that you dont have to play catch up. College is so different than high school....you may think you are prepared but you really are not. Books you went through in a year you go through in 10 to 12 weeks. Study, study, study.


I would tell myself to be more prepared and aware of the classes that I need to obtain my degree. I would make sure tha I focused on classes that pretained to my major. I also would advise myself of the tactics used to lure college students in when it comes to credit card accounts and loans. I would make sure to apply for more financial aid assistance.


If I could return to high school, I would concentrate more on academics and less on just getting out and making money. I have discovered that making money is not really that difficult, but understanding the world and its cultural nuances is quite hard. The subjects we studied in high school were preparing me for college, but at the time I did not really appreciate groundwork that was being laid. Now, as a junior in college, I can see the preparatory work for what it really was. It was a preface for the work I am doing now. If I could offer advice to anyone planning to attend college, and who would not considering today?s job market, I would tell them to work harder and smarter in high school so they will be ready for the intensity and difficulty they will experience in college.


Have fun but be strict on yourself. Don't study last minute and keep your priorities straight. Being responsible is the only way to make it to your goals.


I would give myself if I went back to my senior year pick the college that's right for yourself and make sure you can do your whole six years their and don't transfer. Look for as many scholarships and grants as possible and don't give up .


I would definately tell myself (in detail) the consequences of financial aid and how important it is to maintain a good gpa. I would also recommend myself to ask around and get to know other students for they will be great help in the future in so many ways (it's okay, because they're much cooler and mature than typical high school students *wink*). The last thing is to not be affraid to take chances. The college life is, most of all, a learning experience so have fun.


I would tell myself it is better off following yourself because you make your own decisions. Your grades are going to make it in universsity not your friends. Keep going to classes and passing them so you can have a shorter time in college and finish.