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It was close to home and it had no waiting list for classes. I went to a community college for one year before Davenport and I was having a really hard time getting into the classes I needed because there was waitlists on all of them.


You can complete almost any program online. It made it very easy for me to complete my degree while working 45+ hours per week.


The most unique thing about my school compared to other schools I've considered would be the students have a bigger say so in anything Davenport. In the middle of the semester we get to rate, and survey out classes and teachers grading them on their teaching abilities and the administration takes it very seriously. The school does great follow-ups and after each event or conversation you get a chance to rate performance. and give suggestions. They try to go above and beyond the next time around. It makes me feel like my opinion actually matters.


Larger amount of people there for a degree rather than to party and enjoy being in college


Davenport University has life job placement. Davenport University has a very good reputation among friends and cooworkers. Davenport University has small classrooms and tutoring is included for free.


Davenport offers complete degree programs online. This is beneficial to non-traditional students (like myself) that must work while attending college. This can be very beneficial, but new students need to make sure that they stay on task and even work ahead to satisfactory to high marks. With the online learning format, there are times that there seems like there is not any one available to help, but Davenport offers online tutoring as well as tutoring on campus. If a student is having educational problems, it is best to seek out these tutors for help.


I absolutely love Davenport University! I am 29 years old and a single mother of four. I tried to go to college in the past but I dropped out after only 1 month. I had no help with understanding what I was signing up for, what I needed to do, or even what classes to take. Davenports employees really work with you and for you. My advisor contacts me, instead of the other way around. I would recommend this school to anyone, I have had a great experience!


This is a University so it is serious and it has Bachelors degree as well.


The student body


The maximum class size at Davenport is 30 students, allowing ample one-on-one interaction. Additionally, all instructors are professionals in the fields they teach, providing real-world learning.