Davenport University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The size. Having a smalll school is nice because it is never over crowded. There are also a lot of events that students are given the opportunity to participate in. I know a large percent of the staff and can get help with anything that I need. It was an easy transition from high school.


I brag about the small size of my school and classes. I like that I won't have to walk a mile to get to a class with a hundred other students in it, you know.


I tell them how great our football team is, we are always undefeated, seeing as how we don't have one yet, but in 2015 one will be started. The teachers will teach you if you show you want to learn. The classroom sizes are small. The food is really good. The people on campus are nice. The crime rate is very low.


I'm in a small nursing class of about 30, and it's good.


I love the expeirence of the online teachers and the ability to use my prior work experience to create a real world situation for class projects. On more than one occasion I have been able to take the information I have learned and immediately apply that to my career and have the ability to see immediate results - that is a great use of my money!


I brag most about the true dedication and commitment to help me achieve academic excellence. It is a WOW.


I don't tell anyone negatives about Davenport University. The life skills, as well as the classroom knowledge i have recieved from davenport has been nothing but rewarding. I am pround to tell who ever it may be i am a student at Davenport University.


My professors are amazing! I had attended classes at Madonna University and the entire atmosphere was, well, stale. The school was out dated, and so were the professors. Now, at Davenport, I've had a nurse as an online instructor, a retired chiropractor for anatomy and physiology 1 and now a retired pediatrician for AP2! I'm learning from people have "been there, done that" and because they have a personal interest in the carreer that I'm heading to, they have a more personal approach to teaching. I love them!


My school has the best dorms because they are like you own apartment with you own personal bedroom. Additionally, you get to choose how many roommates you want, ranging from one to four.


The on-line courses are designed for all individual needs that allow each person to get what they would need in a sit-in class as well. For someone like me with phobias, it works great.


I brag about my classmates teachers and small classes which is great. But I also talk about how expensive school is. I f you thought about the money you wouldn't be able to go to school. I love my carrier so I don't care how much I'll have to repay.


Be a part of an atmosphere that challenges you. Be open to learning something new, and most of all, willing to unlearn misinformation. Be clear that your answer isn't always the right answer. Make your education a high priority. Believe in the saying "there are no stupid question". Speak up. Time is precious and it flies like fierce winds, don't waste any of it.


I brag that I am able to get a great education and I actually like the school on an overall scale.


Has great new technology and an awesome rockwall to use for free.


BPA Competitions


Davenport University offers an exciting curriculm. I am i a fast paced learning enviroment with instructors to help you along the way. At Davenport you feel like you matter and not just like another student!


I can take all my classes online


All the new information I am learning.


Scholarships, The technology on campus.