Davenport University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is the price because it is a private college. The price makes up for the class availability though. If you cannot get into a class then they will make another class available. Also the help on campus from the advisors makes the experience so much better and easier to deal with.


Lack of social events like intermural sports. The school is more adult, career focused so the college experience is a tad lacking in some areas.


The school is expensive with few financial aid alternatives.


I found that Davenport was more apt to have students applying or accepting loans, instead of helping them find other means for financing their education. Whether through scholarships, grants or payment arrangements there are other sources for financing a college education. I found Davenport to be lacking in this area.


Davenport is a wonderful school to attend. I am currently attending the school online and all of the staff is wonderful and well prepared. I would recommend Davenport because everything about this school is amazing. There is all the help you need.


Find a group of students to study with and take classes together for support.


I have yet to experience any negative incidents with Davenport University. I love the programs and courses they offer as well as the flexibility. Davenport University staff members are extremely helpful.


I have no issues with this school, and really no complaints. The worst thing I can say about this school is the cost is somewhat high. In this case, you get what you pay for. I am paying more money, but I am also getting the service I need from both my advisors and my teachers.


The only negative aspect of Davenport University is there are no academic clubs for those who are working towards their degrees online. It would be a wonderful way for online students to be more involved with the University and with each other.


The worst thing about my school is the expense. It is less expensive than other schools in the area but, of course, it is always still expensive to go to college.


Unfortunately, I feel the worst thing about Davenport University is the cost of the school. The education is amazing and worth the cost though. Any student who completes their degree and makes it through the rigorous class schedules will certainly feel as though they could attend MIT or Harvard after Davenport. It?s expensive, but their programs are amazing.


This school is awsome, the professors care and want you to learn.


Sometimes its so big, it's hard to find out who is in charge of what.


Cost, It more money because its private but its a good school.


Davenport does not provide health services or health care to domestic students, meaning that those who are not covered by their parents' or spouse's health insurance must find the funds purchase private health insurance or go without.


I think that our student worker's attitudes could improve.


The one thing I consider to be worst about my school is how fast the online classes fill up. I love the idea of being able to schedule courses ahead of time. However the downfall is if you don?t plan ahead and register for your courses there is a good chance that your class will be full when you need it. If that happens you will need to wait for it to be offered again in another term and chances are it will throw all your classes out of order and could prolong graduation. Don?t procrastinate, plan ahead.


I don't like the fact that some courses aren't offered in a traditional seat. This takes away from the college experience and in some courses having face to face conversation with your instructor is a better way to learn and understand information.


I honestly have not found anything that I dislike about Davenport University. If I have to consider one thing it would probably be the cost of tuition, although it is cheaper than many univerisites in Michigan.


The cost of the education is a bit tough to handle. Without financial aid, I would not be able to attend.




Lack of a social life, I would like to have a chance to spend time with friends at events besides waithing for class to start.


I Think the worst thing about my school is that there isn't more people who attend my school. We have a wonderful campus and excellant instructors, but I miss the large auditorium class rooms. It's better for me because I can get extra attention and personal instruction, but I just wish more students knew about the our wonderful campus. There are a lot of crappy schools out there and a lot of kids are missing out on a really good opportunity.


I attend the Caro Campus of Davenport University which is great for me because I do have a family and it is close to home. The class size is small and everyone is extremely helpful and friendly. If you would prefer a larger campus setting the Grand Rapids Campus offers that as well. Many people who would prefer a larger campus with more activities would have to go to Grand Rapids. Aside from that, the smaller location is great. GO DAVENPORT PANTHERS!


I would say the cost sometimes seems to be a burden yet most Universities are expensive.


The University is trying to become a larger university and I prefer'd it more when it was still a smaller less populated school. There trying to do to mcuh. Also, they need more qualified coaches for the sports teams, not just anyone who is interested in the job.


No hockey rink on campus, because we have to play off campus and this makes less students aware of games.


It is not in the biggest area where it should be. The land is still kind of plain, but it is growing quickly.


Its really small but is growing bigger and bigger by the second.