Davenport University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


This school actually disappoints me. They allow too many partiers in. People that are allowed to attend this school should be serious about their career. A person that is not always drinking a smoking weed, instead he or she is in the room doing homework or at a friend's room playing Xbox. In my case, I am helping people with computer problems, and trying to design the next big hit game.


This school would best suit a focused, driven, self-motivated, open-minded person. The school isn't a party campus (yet) not recommended for those who are die hard party goers. The campus is growing so an athletes who love the sport but still focuses on school because athletes have a lot of study table and playing time depends on how you do in your classes. If you just want to do better and re-introduce yourself to the world. Davenport is a place to start you get a decent education and you learn a lot about you as well.


Davenport's courses cater to my busy schedule as I work full time and have children. Any person that has a busy schedule and wants to go back to school, should definitely attend Davenport.


Someone who is goal oriented and wants to suceed!


This is an excellent small school for students interested in a business career. Davenport is great for students right out of high school or for returning students such as myself. It seems to have an active social life for the younger students but has never come across as too social or obnoxious. The school also offers many study-abroad and volunteer opportunities.


The kind of student who should attend Davenport is one who is incredibly dedicated to their studies and completing their degree. The professors create very strict lesson plans and when papers are turned in just an hour late, over half of the grade is lost. In order for any student to succeed they need to create time for themselves to study and complete projects on time and complete them well.


Any type of person. Davenport University is a great place to be a part of. They are a family oriented University and help every student to the best of their ability, from students to staff evryone is taken care of. When you walk in to class it's a very comfortable setting, and you feel like you belong. Wheather you are a student right out of high school or a someone who has been out of school for quite sometime, Davenport has a place for everybody.


Davenport University is an excellent school choice for students who desire a solid foundation for careers in the business, technology and medical fields. In addition, Davenport offers quality education for all students, reagardless of career or major choice. The faculty includes both experienced instructors who are on staff, most of which had a career in the field in which they teach, and a significant number of adjunct faculty who live and work in the real world, and can share richly of their practical experience with the subject matter being taught. Davenport offers the best of both worlds for its students.


dedicated people looking to become professional leaders in their field of study


A person who is dedicated to their education, but needs flexibility


Davenport is a buisness school you have to be an open person that enjoys speaking out. You have to be dedicated to your studies because the teachers are not that easy going. If your the kind of person that wants to go far in life specially in the field of buisness then Davenport is your one place to go. With it being a private school it can get a little pricey but if you fill out the right scholorships that price ends up disappering. Go to Davenport its a desicion you will not regret.


People who aren't informational so when a person makes up an answer you don't know that the answer doesn't make sense. The person would have to know their academic plan year by year so they can keep themselves on schedule and not get stuck to paying for a class they don't need.


Someone who wants to excel in the business fields of management, accounting, finance, or health care.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is serious about his/her education. Someone who wants to improve thier life by continuing their education. A person who is committed and dedicatedt to their education should attend this school. It is ideal for those who work because of the flexible schedule. Also, anyone who has been out of school for a number of years this would be a great school for them.


Are you looking for an institution that offers degree variety, and varied campus site locations? Are you looking for an institution that doesn't just wait for questions but rather initiates assisting you? Are you looking to invest in your future successes, and looking to get out as much as you put in? Yes? Then Davenport University is the institution of higher learning you're looking for.


One that is dedicated to getting their degree and maybe doing so in half the time. Someone who likes the college atmosphere just in smaller ratios. You should want to be in a school that utilizes technology and is career oriented.


As I am an online student I recommend the student be very self-motivated and ready to work just as hard if not harder than if they were in the actually classroom.




A career driven person. Someone who is motivated and self sufficient


Someone that wants to put forth maximum effort in their learning, socialization, and community activities. One thing that I have learned about college is, it is not all about homework. Unless you have a full time job and are supporting a family, each student should take the time and explore more than just the academic portion of college. They should become involved in their local community. Once graduated, there is more to life than just the job. Get involved, you will not be disappointed. Who knows, you might find a different path in life.


My opinion would be that people looking for accelerated degree programs, including working class who would like to continue their education would be the best match for this school. It definately provides a learning atmosphere and anyone looking to goof around would not do so well here.


Someone who already has a good idea what caeer choice they want to make.


A person looking for a great environment and a possitive attitude towards learning and sports.


people that are willing to learn and share there life story


A person that wants to enjoy getting their degree which is a lifelong asset, and also have a great time doing so.


Should, or does? Diversity is extremely important to any institution and Davenport is no exception. However, they seem to be getting the same people - young, white, preppy, self-absorbed, and clique destined teens.


Davenport if very diverse and any personality is welcome. I came from a very small town and had a culture shock when I entered college even though we are a small campus. I had to be open to knew ideas and ways of thinking but I feel I have learned a lot from the different personalities.