Davenport University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Perspective students have the opportunity to attend a private university that will support thier students. The staff and advisors support you 110% toward graduating successfully. My advisor Jenny Thurber is the best she made sure when I was struggling in one class she called me. She offered advise of using the campus online tutor service. I have experienced great advice and support from 99% of my instructors since I started at D.U. is costly but it's the best decision I ever made for my future and my young childs future.


I love the career focus and the preparation for the real world.


Davenport University has been amazing at providing me and others the opportunity to get their degrees online. I receive the same kind of support and access to teachers and other students as I would have if I was a student taking classes on campus. My advisor has always been there to help me and my professors have challenged me ways I never thought was possible. They have helped me choose a direction and future career in Health Information Management. Overall, Davenport University has helped me succeed as a student in no way another school possibly could.


The small classes and the teachers that have worked in the field of my major!


Very flexible schedule for working adults. Online classes and degrees also assists working adults with obtaining a degree.


What I like best about Davenport University is the cozy setting of the acedimic building. You can travel from class to class without battling the elements. Another great feature is the proximity of the campus to the major highways and it is easily accessed from several well traveled routes.


The locationin warren is in a nice area, I comute daily from Pontiac to Detroit to work at DMC hospital then on the way back traveling north, I commute to school in Warren, MI. I like the small class room sizes and the time evening classes meet. The enviroment itself is a calm, mature crowd. The professors are very knowledgeable, and prompt. Career Services, and the Library staff are very very very helpful--Thank you. I also like the activites Davenport has involving the school and students in Adopt a Family ect.


The best thing about Davenport is that it is geared towards working adults. I'm able to take classes online or in the evenings which works great with my schedule. The classes are smaller in size, so you're able to get more one on one time with the instructor.


There are two things that I love about Davenport. First, the class sizes are small. I have gotten so close to the other students in my nursing program because of this. It is nice to have the support and friendships. Second, Davenport is especially wonderful for nontraditional students. Many of my peers are slightly older than the normal college aged students, and some have children. In such a close-knit classroom environment, it is easier to be supportive of each other and to be flexible when we have to get together outside of class to work on projects.


They help me learn, no matter what my learning curve is. Relaxing, no here makes me feel stupid.


I like how they work around your own schedule to schedule classes. I take classes on Monday and Thursday nights and it seems to work out very well with my family and my job. I also like how the school will help you get a job before you graduate.


I like that all of my instructors are currently employed in the field that I am studying. It is nice to have someone with that experience to talk to about my future career questions.


The best thing about Davenport is their focus and reputation on providing top notch business training.


The best thing about the school is that they are very helpful and friendly.


Hands on labs


The advantage of taking classes online. Because it helps students who could not go to school otherwise.


The best thing about my school is the fact that it is conveniently located near my home and work.


They made me feel that you are never to old to go back to school. Must of the classes are career minded and they offer great online classes.


I think it's the class size. It's small and more focused. There's also more student teacher time


they don't have classes with 100 people in them. but the thing about a smaller class size is that it is limited and you don't always get the time slot you want for that class.