Davidson College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Davidson is ass-kicking in every sense of the term--your classes will kick your ass, you will kick your own ass, your friends will be kick-ass, the basketball team kicks ass, the professors kick ass, the amount of hard liquor you drink will leave your ass kicked, and you will be able to kick anybody's ass once you've graduated.


At Davidson, expect to work hard, but also expect to get a lot out of your classes and the people you meet.


Davidson College is a rigorous school focused on preparing students for a life of service and leadership while maintaining that character and relationships are important.


Davidson is an extremely competitive liberal arts college of small size that aims at a sense of community among students and faculty, and most emphasis is put on arts and humanities rather than sciences.


A beautiful campus and community where students are free to pursue whatever they wish, with the help of exceptional professors.


A lot of hard work, a lot of weird kids, but a friendly and loveable place that will set you up to get a good job or move on to a great grad school.


Davidson is academically rigorous, community-oriented, and small enough to allow a very intimate environment in the class room and out of it.


Tough, academically challenging, stressful but fun.


Davidson hangs out.


A quick look at the student union.


A panoramic look at a part of Davidson's campus.