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Every student at Davidson has a story to tell. I have met the most interesting people since I've been here. They are all dedicated to their education and are eager and motivated. The most unique thing about Davidson College is its honor code. I, unfortunately, encountered fellow classmates in high school who felt the need to cheat on schoolwork. The honor code at Davidson places utmost trust in all of the students, and students abide by the honor code completely and have no inclinations to abuse it.


The Honor Code is one of the most unique aspects of Davidson. Many other schools have an honor code that applies for academics, but the students here carry the honor code with them outside the classroom. Trust is a very large aspect of the Davidson experience.


The sense of community and the Honor Code. Its more than a promise, its an active part of Davidson life.


Friendly, personal, and caring professors


few people, but lots going on because everyone does 10 different things


The emphasis placed on personal honor and integrity, the ease of access and friendlyness of professors, the small size, the academic rigor, the close bonding that occurs between the college and the surrounding community, and the ability to explore for oneself what you want to do with yourself, without having to be committed to a major early, or even at all with the possibility to build your own.


The honor code. It gives students more responsibility and respect. There is a great deal of trust between students as well as faculty and students.


Smaller, better academics, more "prestigious."


A sophomore cheerleader talks about her experience at Davidson.


Freshman male student gives favorite movie, class, and free hour.


Freshman male student gives favorite movie, class, and free hour.


Sophomore male student gives favorite movie, class, and free hour.


Sophomore male student gives his favorite movie, class, and free hour.


Sophomore female student gives her favorite movie, class, and free hour.


Sophomore female student gives her favorite movie, class, and free hour.


Don't do sub-free housing unless you REALLY want to. Too many people I know on sub-free seem to seclude themselves with only their hallmates, and miss out on the larger Davidson picture. Take a risk - the rest of the halls aren't that bad.


Davidson is just a very challenging place to be. It stretches you as a person and as a student. I think it's good to come to Davidson with an open mind, ready to learn new ways of working and thinking about life.


There really isn't a dating culture, because people spend so much time working. So, two things end of happening. 1) People never have a relationship or 2) they have a sketchy non-committal relationship with someone and just hook up all the time.


Davidson is awesome. But not if you're a huge slacker, want a big school, a city school, or a school where there are good snow sports. Also, don't come here if you KNOW you want to do music, theater, or art--our departments aren't bad, they're just not the school's focus. Actually, the art department is pretty sweet--I took a basic sculpture class and we learned how to weld, use a ton of power tools, and we did lost-wax bronze casting. So the art dept.'s pretty legit. Also, despite some stereotypes I've heard, Davidson students definitely know how to party. You just need to know where to go.


People here are fun, quirky, and arguably a bit socially awkward. Everyone has a great time, and although they may complain about all the work they have they certainly make up for it on the weekends, or even just at 2 in the morning when you find yourself laughing hysterically with your best friends after you have just written a ten page paper. And in the end you walk out of the whole experience with one of the best education you can get.


I do not think I will ever regret coming to Davidson. There are aspects that may push some people away but I truely believe that this is a very special place that is matched by VERY few colleges in the nation.


Davidson is a place where you work hard, but have lots of fun too. Its a place where learning is prioritized, but there are a lot of fun activities including our now highly acclaimed basketball team!! As for feeling comfortable, there are lots of different social groups and activities where you can meet and hang out with people that have similar interests and personalities. Its just a great experience and you will be happy you came.


Yes, it's true. Davidson does its students laundry. But it's really not as amazing as everyone outside of the Davidson community seems to think it is. They use odorless detergent and every year a rumor floats around the freshman class that they don't use any detergent at all. About half of the student body chooses to do their own laundry. Stephen Curry is our hero right now.


Davidson is just an awesome place and a very trusting place especially with the community that is built here. Students can leave their rooms without locking them or leave their stuff at a table in the union and then walk away knowing that their stuff will still be there when they come back. The Honor Code is an amazing thing about Davidson. Everyone loves it here and you really have to be a hardworking, motivated individual to come here but also be able to let loose and have fun on the weekends. Noone does homework on Fridays or Saturdays unless they have to; the work is saved for Sunday through Thursday.


Davidson is Davidson. Sometimes you want to take a hammer to your foot because you're so frustrated with the work and a million other things you're involved in. However, the only way you improve is through constantly challenging yourself. At the same time, Davidson is still Davidson. You set yourself up to be in the situation you like best. Some like the dorm quiet on week nights so they can study, and you can find dorms here that will provide that. I set myself up for a different situation than this. If you'd like, you can put yourself in a situation where any night can, and frequently does, turn into a huge party that you will almost certainly regret the next morning. It's all up to you.


There is a huge amount of work and the school is small! I love the small school feel and have learned to deal with the work but be sure you like it here.


I'm happy I'm here.


Don't come to Davidson unless you want to be a banker in Charlotte. That is the only thing this school is good for since that is the only area where people have heard of this school. Seriously...if you can get into Davidson, there are hundreds of better options in the Northeast and West.


This place is amazing


Grading is tough. Tough to the extent that is seems mean and unfair. For some reason we learn to accept it and realize that the days of getting all As and Bs is over.


For a tiny liberal arts college, Davidson holds its own. You know you belong here as soon as you walk on campus, and that assured feeling might falter but it never changes.


Davidson has taught me a lot and made me a better writer/thinker but I don't like the cliques, how small/gossipy the school is, and how no one has heard of Davidson (even the town next door). I am also not very religious nor republican so I feel like I don't fit in sometimes. I also am a northern girl who doesn't believe in being a southern bell so I find it hard to meet guys who respect my intelligence.


Its a love-hate relationship here. There is a lot of pressure to be successful and to get grades, even when it seems impossible. But I have learned to work hard, enjoy learning (which I know sounds so cheesy), and still enjoy romping around.


I really love Davidson. It's tough but it's worth it.




Basically there is a definite type of person who fits in at Davidson. If you think you are not going to fit in at Davidson, most likely you won't.


Davidson is a very unique place, and while I know that the small school atmosphere makes it so, I would not want to be anywhere else, and I take its uniqueness as a good thing.


I love Davidson and have loved every moment of my four years there. When I leave in May, I won't be leaving just with a strong liberal arts education, but also with an improved self. Davidson taught me an outstanding work ethic and to always take pride in everything and anything I do.


Great school!


nothing left!


There are times when you will hate Davidson, want to chuck your Chemistry book out the window and transfer to that State school that all your high school friends went to. But then something will happen- a professor will maybe inspire you to pursue a new interest, you'll see a play that changes your outlook on life, a friend here will go out of your way to help you out- and it is these times that make you sit back and think: "You know, I really do love it here."


It was the best possibly choice of college for me, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. That said, it's definitely time for me to graduate!


Most students live on campus all four years. Davidson does your laundry for you.


I LOVE DAVIDSON. Some terrific stand-outs about this school are: personality typing for freshmen roommate pairs (I adore my roommate), laundry service, beautiful campus, untra-friendly and helpful professors, freshmen can bring cars, great weather, and much more.


nope. That about covers it.


Davidson is incredible.


I love Davidson, it's been a great opportunity and I hope my kids will come here one day!


Davidson has a beautiful campus and wonderful facilities!


Can you beat the weather??? didn't think so


You can not beat the sense of community that this school has!