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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


At times, but there are many people who don't fit that standard


overcommitted, overachievers: yes. rich, white kids: that's a grey area. The majority of the student population is certainly white, but the school is very aware of this and working to change it. And while some are rich, by no means is everyone.


For the most part, but we like to have fun too.




For some people yes, but by no means everyone


The truth is, we study a lot, there is no two ways about it, but Davidson is a work hard play hard place. I'm proud of the work I do here and so I guess this kind of student means we are a little nerdy! The Davidson student is a well rounded one, incredibly intelligent, motivated, fun, enthusiastic, involved and there is a positive attitude that radiates through the campus all throughout the year.


These stereotypes are true, but only to a certain extent. Yes, there are times when people are stressed, and we're basically always over-worked, but thsee factors don't stop us from having a good time. Davidson students definitely know how to separate work from play, and give equal consideration to both. There's a good balance between the two. Plus, working so hard all the time just makes the "good times" even better!


Yes and no, we also like to have fun and party, and for most devotion to community service is genuine and not just a resume builder


Although students do have to study a lot due to the workload, they also have a lot of fun. There are so many clubs, activities, and volunteer opportunities that students often fill their schedules up with as well. I think there is a good balance of work and play if you organize your time wisely. Davidson students are smart because if they weren't they would not be here. Yes, they are all Type A for the most part, but this does not seem to interfere in the classroom making it less of a competitive environment to do well. Although there are plenty of people from North Carolina, I was surprised at how many people there are from the North, Midwest and California. So, for no reason, is this a really southern school although it does tend to follow southern traditions.


We are work-a-holics, but as to the rest: untrue.




absolutely not. But we are smarter than most.


They may be accurate for some students, as all stereotypes come from a grain of truth, but I think for the vast majority of students this is not true.


These stereotypes are absolutely not accurate. We do spend a lot of time studying and doing work, but we know when enough is enough and we also know how to have a good time. The social scene is great because it's close and safe but so much fun.


No. Some may be true for certain individuals but not the entire student body.


Not really, though people are often wealthy and almost always book smart, a few don't always use common sense


Not at all






Davidson students are smart and preppy, but I wouldn't agree that they are any more rich or materialistic than any other students at other schools.


There are some truths behind them


Davidson students have more diverse interests and experiences than one might expect.


Although Davidson is a very difficult school, having teachers push you to work harder, I think the stereotype scares kids. The workload is extremely doable and although kids study a lot, we still have a ton of fun.


Students are very smart and are overachievers but I would not agree that all are rich or materialistic


I would agree with the stereotype that the majority of the students are White. However, I disagree with the idea that everyone is from the South. I am from the Midwest and definitely have never felt uncomfortable here due to my hometown. I also disagree that eveyone is religious because they aren't and I know that I certainly am not. The stereotype about the school being extremely tough without grade inflation is completely accurate; we work way too hard here.


These stereotypes are inaccurate. Davidson students are very diverse, having both preppy and more laid back types. However, most Davidson students come from a lot of money. Moroevoer, if you want to attend Davidson and succeed you must be obessed with doing school work.


the religious/conservative one is not true, but as for working hard(er) than a lot of schools, i think it's true.


They are true of some but there is a niche for everytype of person on campus.


We definitely work hard, but we also find plenty of time to have fun. And, they are plenty of things to do on campus for breaks from the hard work. And the latter, I would say that Davidson students are more conservative than the average group of 1,700 young people, but definitely not as conservative as some might think.


Not exactly. There are a lot of high-strung Type-A's here, but some people are more relaxed and here for a good time. We "work (REALLY) hard and play (REALLY) hard" at Davidson. In terms of diversity, we have a long way to go, but I'd like to say that Davidson has a vast diversity of personalities and backgrounds. There are some truly remarkable people here, who have done some amazing things.


These stereotypes are incorrect. There are lots of students at Davidson who go out and have fun, and who aren't obsessed with work and grades. The eating house stereotypes are very wrong, there are all kinds of different people in each eating house.


Absolutely not, there is some truth that you do need to be a good student, however, people go out and party, they don't work all the time. Also while there are some conservative people there are also many liberal individuals.


While they're certainly are students who devote a lot of time to studying, most people like to go out and have fun, too.


people are driven but not cut-throat and its very much a work hard play hard type of place.


There are definately a good amount of students who are awkward and unsociable, but there is also a fun group of students who are academically responsible and still like to go out and have fun. And yes, A's are extremely rare.


to some extent, but not really. Davidson's student body is split fairly evenly between the number of southern students it has and students from other regions of the country and even world. It is true that it lacks diversity and the bulk of the student body is caucasian. The political climate of the campus is split fairly evenly between Republicans, Democrats, and Independents- there is not one overwhelming partisanship amongst students. Davidson's student body is fairly wealthy, and given the academic rigor of the Davidson curriculum, most students are type-A or over-acheivers before they even come here.


yes and no. Definately a preppy feel but people really come from a fairly broad backgrounds and have different perspectives


Some of the time yes


yes, except for not everyone is wealthy


I don't think so, but I'm sure there are some people who fit the stereotype.




Only friendly


with some people




somewhat. people here are generally smart, but not everyone fits te stereotype




Most of the kids are smart (there are few slackers here). A lot of the kids are rich, but definitely not all. For the most part people aren't too snobbish. And many of the students aren't all that religious.


Both are true, but Davidson students learn how to handle the workload.




Not all of these stereotypes are accurate. Davidson is made up of a diverse student body (although it definately could be more diverse) from all over the world and from different economic backgrounds. There are many kids that rely on scholarships and the no-loan policy that Davidson offers. It is true that we are intelligent individuals that pride ourselves on our sense of honor and community. Also, even though Davidson does offer to do your laundry for you, there are plenty of students, including myself, that do their own laundry, which is also free.

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