Davidson College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?

Roi Din Shadau

I would like to tell my friends about my school ,It's really good and nice not only for me but aslo for all because Nursing and Care is link with Love , Sympathy and empathy.It presents the image of life for all over the world .Love can change the world and war in my point of view .Nursing is not really easy , It's cause patient , mild and gentle to our gesture to show the care of people and make the vulnerable happy and safety with good nursing care and aslo to the unhealthy of physical and mental illness .


My engineering classes. They are challenging, but they relate to real life and what we will be doing with our career. It doesn't seem like a waste of my time.


I brage most about how much independent research I get to do and the access to equipment that I have, although the prestige of the college is another point of which I'm proud.


The degree of academic rigor that our professors charged us with and how far, as a student, I was able to comduct independent research and the degree of support my professors provided for me while conducting this research.


The academics as well as the integrity and the school's honor code. The people are also incredible, and I know that I will never find another collective group of such talent, integrity and intelligence. The professors are also wonderful and you get to know them really well.


Small class size, great enthusiastic professors, all the time you can spend with your professors, great academic advising, great rates of getting into the graduate school or medical school of your choice, easy to get to class in five minutes, good campus and off-campus food


Davidson does you laundry for you. Also, all of your finals are self scheduled.


Honor code, basketball team