Davidson College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you're looking to just get a degree in something, don't go here. If you're interested in exploring different areas of subject matter and becoming a well rounded, knowledgeable person, do come here, and in effect you will find an awesome career when you graduate.


Someone who doesn't like small populations of people or someone who isn't personally motivated to do their work.


Anyone who wantes to mature as an adult while also committed to studying in their field.


doesn't work hard or love learning, gets stressed out by grades, looking only to have fun, wants to be around a lot of people like them, cares about what people think


Stresses easily


close-minded, unmotivated


People who are perfectionists.


Someone who waits til the last minute or who doesn't have the enthusiasm to delve into the readings. If you like to party, then you risk damaging your GPA. If you like a big school with lots of students then this will not be the place.


Those that prefer a active social life and those that are academically challenged should not apply here. This college has a reputation for extreme workloads and grade deflation is the norm. These facts are very true! This is a very serious academic school that demands excellence of their students. If you are intellectually lazy, do not go to this school.


Extremely Liberal or Extremely Conservative - Someone who is not prepared to work hard.


You can't care what other people think, and you can't get overly caught up if you think something isn't fair. It's cutthroat, though. It's hard to predict, but it's the kind of place where those who stumble are left for dead. If you struggle with time management or anxiety, Davidson might not be the place for you. If you have any kind of learning disability or psychological problems, Davidson can be a harsh place. If you're into a huge party scene, Davidson isn't ideal.