Davidson College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Davidson was very transparent in its descriptions that I read before applying early decision. It boasted its honor code, tough classes, dedicated students, small size, and many other things. When I began school at Davidson, there were no surprises. Everything was as I expected. For some students it was a perfect match while for others it was not their cup of tea. But there was nothing that Davidson tried to hide from its prospective students. Instead, my vision of Davidson only flourished upon my arrival.

Roi Din Shadau

I wish I could to get the right school and professional life .And then I chose this Nursing university in my poor country and I want to get more developing techniqe in my life ,I would like to be the noble and qulified nurse in my future .After I graduated from this school , I became to serve within the community and people and environment . Since my childhood , I like to care the ages and the poor in my surrounding ,I feel to touch them with my hands , heart and head .so I chose this professional and school for my dream .


I wish I would've known the overall social climate for ethnic/minority students and the academic support for majors in ethnic studies.


How hard it is, that is my only regret for coming here.


I felt well informed.


I wish I had had a better idea of what I wanted to major in or what career path I wanted to follow so that I could have taken classes that were more interesting to me in that area.


better time management


I wish i had known how to properly manage my time.


Davidson is very academically rigorous, and students have to possess strong self-discipline for studying if they expect to succeed there. I wish I had known how to be a better student before I went to Davidson, because I found myself slightly outclassed by my peers, most of whom had gone to more demanding high schools. I eventually picked up good study habits, but my freshman year proved to be more difficult than I expected.


What a great experience it was going to be.