Davis & Elkins College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend Davis and Elkins College is one that is looking for a small school, with a family like atmosphere. He should like small class sizes, and favor the ability to personally know many people on campus. Someone that likes to be involved with campus activites and clubs, has many opportunities to follow through with those desires. If someone is overwhelmed by large cities, then this small town would be a comfortable fit. Also, the atmosphere allows for many nature adventures to take place and unique classes to be offered.


Anyone who is ready to jump onto a moving train right as it's just starting to speed up. A student who likes to form and change with a growing school, and is prepared to take this growth far beyond academics and into every aspect of there lives. A student who loves learning and is ready to make a commitment to improve.


At D&E we are made up of lots of different types of people. The similarity is we are all tolerant and accepting. There are countless times when I had conversations with other students of how, in high school, we proboly would'nt have even talked to eachother.


I think a person who is open to new possibilities and experiences should attend Davis & Elkins. Since it is a small liberal arts college, we are required to take courses outside our major. I personally think that it a good point to the school, because it allows for learning that wouldn't take place outside our field if it weren't required. I think students who aren't sure what they want to get into should also attend because they can take the variety of courses and figure out what they want to get into.