Davis & Elkins College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I think the main advice I would give myself is not to sweat the small things. It may seem like everything is happening so fast but if you just watch the world going on around you you will never fully experience anything. Don't worry what other people think about you and just be yourself. It may seem like the whole world is against you but if you just smile and keep pushing your way through things and everything will come through in the end.


i have learned that even if i get a degree i still have more to learn.


I've learned what it takes to be in college, that it's important to show up to class, do your work, and make friends. The first semester can be a little hard, but it gets easier after you learn where everything is and make more friends. I didn't realize how much work it was going to be and how much time you actually spent there including doing your homework. I think it was worth it because I've learned so much and also grown as a person. It's also important to make friends, it makes class a lot more enjoyable and helps to form study groups.


My college experience has allowed me to discover more about myself. I now know that Davis and Elkins College is not the right school for me. I can go on with this information and make a more educated decision on where to attend school, and the type of atmosphere I am comfortable in. Personally,I am a college athlete and maybe have experienced a different path than others. I knew that the change from my Queens, New York home to Elkins, West Virginia would be a big leap. I decided to take that chance unregrettably. The lessons I have learned about life, people, chances, and the importance of doing what makes you happy are invaluable. I have decided not to return to Davis and Elkins College next year, despite the immense disappointment of many to throw away my scholarship, and secure position. My life has led me in a direction that is different from perhaps all of my fellow highschool graduates, but not worse. The decision I made to attend this school will shape the rest of my life as I continue next year on the quest to become a West Virginia resident.


If I could go back and visit myself as a high school senior I would tell myself that everythign you need to do in life you can't regret, but you have to follow your passion because it's what will make you happiest and feel the greatest to you. don't go spend a yaer and a half learnign about somehtign for the money, you'll hate yourself before you make it very far. What you love, even if you worked at something else for so long will be the greatest feelign you've come across and you'll never want anyhtign different again.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice , there would be a lot to give. The most imortant thing I would tell myself would be "don't stop working hard because it all pays off in the end." High school was a rough time for me. I found it very boring and too repetitive to keep my attention. College, on the other hand, has been a very engaging experience. I enjoy going to class and having discussions with my professors and I am moivated to do so. I would also convince myself to be more social. I was so wrapped up in the stresses of my family that I took very little time for myself because I didn't think I had any. Now that I am away at college, I have learned how important it is to do things for myself and have a little fun every once in a while. Friends are a great way to get out and do something new and spontaneous. Taking time for yourself makes you feel better about yourself and your situations, and I have learned that it is also a great way to relieve stress.


I know that you find college to be a waist of what you consider your prime time for your career, but college is more than just paying dues to get a job. It's an opporutiny to develop and grow not just academically, but in every aspect of your life. College gives you the opportunity to try new experiences that you may not dream of trying in any other enviroment. These experiences open you up to so many opporunities by expanding your range of interests and improveing the quality your life. I know you can't imagine this now, but college is a neccessary part of you becoming you. Go into college looking at it as a chance to grow. Do the best work that you can, be open to new possibilties, and find yourself. You will never regret it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would explain the importance of education. Attending high school was a joke to me. I thought of it as a job that I didnt like. I barely studied. Thinking people were crazy, who stayed up and studied. As I enter college and receive my excellent grades, I smile at my success. But I am saddened that if I would have taken college more serious There would have been a better pay off. I waited 6 years after high school graduation to attend college. I didnt realize what a good education lead to. My life, retirement, health all depend on my education. I would definitely tell me the importance of education and to take high school serious. Take the extra hour to study for that class. Know that the reward of an education is far too great to let go.


Visit the college first! Dont just pick it because of its reputation, a good college isnt anything if you cant be happy! And when you visit go explore and meet people, ask current student/faculty questions. Try to get as close to the full expirience as possible then judge the school.


When choosing the right college, many things have to be taken into consideration. One thing is the size, are you or your child looking for a smaller school that feels a little more like home or are you looking for a larger community. Another thing is the location, would you like to be located in a large city or urban area or a smaller town where things are more slow paced. Of course choosing a school with the major you intend on choosing is the best idea. A school that has activities for students allows them to join into the campus community and meet other students which can make campus life at school a little more pleasant. Having active and helpful administration will definitely keep the student on the right track. Taking these things into consideration will help the student have a sucessful time at their college of choice. I selected all of the choices that were similar to my personality and it led me to choose Davis and Elkins College which was a great pick for me.


Apply early and get your work done first before anything else.


I think you should stick with a college that matches your personality, and if you can't find one that does pick one for their reputation. By reputation I mean how involved are they with the students, community and just everyday life in general. Get involved in as much as you can with the school; that time allows of course. You should definitely know what's going on with your school too. Keep up with the politics and every day goings on of your school, it will help you understand changes that may occur during your time there. Don't forget to enjoy your time though, because after that it's welcome to the real world!


My advice to students and parents about finding the right college for you is to take your time. I would say start looking into schools early, and then really sit down and evaluate each school that you are considering. Look at everything possible; from how many courses are offered each semester to how many plays are done while the student will be there. The more you know about every school will allow you and your student to make an informed decision and not be caught of guard when you finally sign your paperwork. College is an important four years of the students life and you want to provide them at the right place for them. I would say to look at the school itself not its perks. Don't check out the mascot or the colors. Look into the financial aid and academic programs that are offered. Be selective. Don't rely on something you heard, check it out for yourself. My biggest piece of advice would be to start looking at schools early, and give you and your student plenty of time to evaluate each school. Pick the one that fits you best.


I believe that when it comes time to look for a college look into all the fields the college has to offer and find out about the financial aide and the enviroment . It may help to go visit the colleges you have an interest in that way you can compare which one best fits you and your needs. Pick a college that you feel really comfortable with that way you can get involved with activities on or off campus. Make the best of your college experience and in whatever you choose because you dont want to look back and regret something you never done. When thinking about going to school for four more years it seemed like a life time and I couldn't wait to get out of school but college is a whole different experience that you'll ever have and it's so worth while.


Give the school a chance before you decide that you do not like it.