Davis & Elkins College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the best thing about Davis and Elkins College is the ability to personally know many authority figures. You have the opportunity to be a big fish in a little sea. If you take the right steps, some important connections could be made. Many alumni from Davis and Elkins are successful and praise this school often. Events are held where these alumni attend, and give back to the school. Students should take advantage of having these successful alumni around to learn from their experiences and expand their network of people.


This school is a great academic school. It is guaranteed that if you want to learn, then you will definitley learn new information and feel as if you have after the course is completed.


I think the best thing about my school is the size. I like the small school atmosphere. I believe it gives the students a chance to get to know their classmates and their professors. I also think it allows the students to interact more with the prefessors. The small campus gives students of different backgrounds and ethics to become friends. I like the small campus.


The best thing about school is the enviroment its not too big or too small its just right . The classes aren't huge but make you feel comfortable. The professors here are very knowlegeable in what they are teaching. When you don't understand what is going on the professors help you understand in different ways that you may acknowledge. I feel that this school is the best decision that I have made for myself.