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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to pick the college that is right for me. Don't worry about pleasing other people and do what will make you happy. Also, don't be scared to transfer schools. You aren't stuck at one school for all of your college years. If you are afraid to go out there and experience what college life is really like, don't be. There is a lot more to collge than going to class, studying, and doing homework. Go out and get information on different organizations and clubs. People are a lot different in college then in high school so don't be afraid to make new friends. With classes, don't worry about what people will think if you take a certain class. If a class interests you, take it and have fun in it. Once you have decided a major, go talk to a counselor to find out what you need to do to plan your schedule. There is nothing wrong if you have to switch majors, it's completely normal. My last piece of advice is get involved. It'll be gone before you know it and don't be thinking what if.