Daytona State College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Everyone is so friendly!


My classmates like to be approached first, but if you do they will be great friends.


My fellow classmates are all very determined and career focused individuals with the goal to succeed in life.


My classmates are very nice, but sometimes keeps to themselves.


My classmates at Daytona State College are just like me, trying to get a good education, open-minded, creative, and very helpful.


My classmates seem to be focused and friendly.


My classmates are very young, some determined and others who have to work twice as hard to advance in their current academic programs.


My class mate Miranda is Great we make each other giggle, we make each other work hard and when one of us is stuck on something the other is always there to help out.


I would describe my classmates as knowledgable because everyone knows a little bit of something and when they speak, I learn from them what I didn't already know.


My classmates are greatly interested in their future and are willing to do everything they can to succeed.


Helpful classmates


My classmates are very mature and outgoing and are very different from eachother.


The diversity at Daytona State College is absolutely phenomenal. I am often in a class with students as young as dual enrolling fifteen years old high school students to seventy-five year old adult education students. Even in most working environments, this age diversity is not existent. I find it quit amazing to see this broad age range striving for the same goal, their degree. Daytona State College motivates their students to do their best in school; it is very obvious their message has gotten through by looking at so many ambitious students.


My classmates are diverse.


My classmates are dual-enrollment high school seniors.


A flock of geese all trying to be the leader but not knowing a destination.


My classmates in my music classes are friendly.


Everyone that I have had in my classes are very mature and friendly, in which we are all in college to learn, better ourselves, and meet new people.