Daytona State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The type of person that should attend this school is someone that just graduated from High School and wants to complete their A.A. degree quickly and efficiently.


This school is a versatile school. We have students who are just out of high school, older students who put off college for a few years, and students in high school and taking college courses. So we have all ages, several nationalities, gay and lesbian. DSC has a variety of choices for your degree. There is the medical field and the nearby hospital is a great intern opportunity. You have a wide range of choices like photography, music and modern languages to mention a few. This college offer any course you may want and has a great reputation.


Someone who is looking for a second chance at a higher education. Their open door polices allow those who did not do so good in high school to still have a place to progress their education.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be one who burns with motivation and enthusiasm toward earning a higher education. The students that will best prosper are those that are interested, enjoy learning and want to thrive during their academic journey. Supportive students are also welcome as Daytona State College is filled with students willing to communicate and help others in their academic grade level or selected courses. Respectful students are also a must when considering attending Daytona State College as such respect allows professors to better focus on the learning curriculum with ease for our benefit.


Anyone who is honestly dedicated to bettering themselves and enjoys nice scenary along with an old time feel. People who like smaller schools and like knowing the majority of other people's names.


Anyone can attend, I've never been witness to any kind of seperatists or racism. There are easier or harder classes for any level, and it's a great starting point for a college career, and they now offer a BA program.


Daytona State College is really intended for anyone. It offers so many different programs and is growing day to day. With all the new degrees and programs they keep adding it really opens up the school for anybody looking for any type of career.


This school is open to all who have a desire to better themselves, no matter what race you are, or what country you come from, there is no discretion whatsoever for anyone who chooses to attend this college.


The type of person that should attend this school is a well rounded, goal oriented person who knows what they want to achieve and who doesn't mind small class sizes.


I think this school is good for everyone. Most of the professors are friendly and helpful. I am very satisfied with the professors.


A first time student just getting out of high school.


There is no certain "person" that should attend this school. As a matter of fact, I've met all different types of people and it makes our school fun and diverse.


As a mother of four who is returning to school after many years I would say that any kind of person should attend this college. If you are looking for a college with a diverse student body and a campus near the most famous beach in the world, Daytona State College is for you.